chance me!

<p>I am going to be a junior at a private Lutheran school in California (class of 2012).
I have not taking the SAT or ACT but I have am a fantastic test taker, took the PLAN that predicted my ACT score to be 31-35, and just got a tutor.
Haven’t taken my subject tests either (late start) but again, going on the fact that I’m a good test taker, I should get high scores.</p>

<p>I’m not sure how to count my unweighted GPA but my weighed GPA freshman year was 4.25 and sophomore year was 4.5. The next two years should only be higher as I don’t accept anything less than an A.
Rank: Top 3%</p>

Honors Biology A
Honors Geometry A+
Drama A
World Geography A
French 1 A+
Theology 1 A+
English 2 A+</p>

AP Psychology A+ (received a 5)
Honors Algebra II/Trig A
Honors Chemistry A+
Honors Anatomy A
French 2 A+
Theology 2 A+
World History A+
English 3 A+</p>

Advanced Engineering
AP US History
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Writing
AP Statistics
French 3
Honors Physics
Theology 3</p>

AP Calculus
AP Physics
AP Bio
AP Bio Lab
AP Lang
French 4
AP Gov/Econ
Theology 4</p>

- volunteer at a hospital once a week for four hours every Saturday since sophomore year
- run all the blood drives at my school, significantly increase # of people that donate, and work with the Red Cross
- involved as a main leader of the an Ignite Mentoring Program, part of Leadership at my school
- National Honors Society and CSF
- * In a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) program at my school where you graduate with an endorsement. Looks really good on transcripts. ---- WILL MOST LIKELY get a BOEING internship summer going into senior year as it is connected with the Stem program @ my school.
( I find it better to be involved in a few ECs that I am really passionate about rather than 3847234 that I am not significantly involved in.) </p>

- less than 60,000$ income
- first generation college student</p>

<p>Things that don’t really count:
did two plays at my school
cheerleading freshman year</p>