Chance Me

<p>I do not always believe that these chances are accurate but I want to know. I'm considering Tufts as a top choice and I am interested in seeing my chances if I applied as an ED I or II student. </p>

<p>GPA: 3.77 (4.25 scale) 3.605 Freshman Year, 3.68 Sophomore Year, 4.00 Junior Year (w/ 3 AP's and an honors class)
Senior Courses: AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Constitutional Government, AP Language, Modern Asia, Social Ethics
AP Scores: 4 (US History) 3 (Literature) 2 (French)
CR: 670, Math: 670, Writing: 580
Math: 580
Literature: 590
History: 650
Extracurriculars: Debate (10-12th Grade), History Club (Jr: Prep for AP Exam), National Honor Society (Jr, Sr, only 2 years eligible) Urban Plunge Junior year (20 hours of community service), Leading Urban Plunge Senior Year, French Honor Awards, Part-time Job all year round in Sales, started helping at an After-School program at an inner-city elementary school, School newspaper (So, Sr (?)) School Honors: Cum Laude (Fr.) Magna Cum Laude (So.) Summa Cum Laude (Jr.), Rugby (10-12th Grade)</p>

<p>Another extracurricular to add on to my resume: Co-founder/Vice-President of Young Americans Against Cancer at my school</p>

<p>You’re ECs look fine, but your numbers are really low. I know when I was applying I had a 590 in CR. My other scores were high 600s. I was told that my 500 basically “sunk me”. In other words, with that score I had almost no chance of getting in. So, your GPA and ECs are fine, but I would look to raise your SAT scores all around…</p>

<p>i have a 580 CR, 710 Math, 610 writing, and i have been in contact with the coach of my sport and he seems to like me.</p>

<p>how would i fare? any advice is appreciated</p>