Chance Me?

<p>I want to ED Dartmouth, but I think being an international student my chance is pretty slim.</p>

<p>GPA 97 out of 100 (probably is a 4.0 or a 3.9)
Rank high school doesn't rank
SAT Reading 760, Math 800, Writing 790
SAT2 Math2 800, Physics 790, Chemistry 780
IELTS 8.5 out of 9
Ap CalculusBC 5, Micro 5,Macro 5, Statistics 4</p>

<p>Nationality Chinese</p>

<p>EC (not a lot since schools in China are from 7am to 8pm)
volunteer (3 hours a week for three years)
translate books and brochures for the local tourism department
work as a translator/interpreter for a tour agency (4 hours a week for two years)
president of the school drama club</p>

<p>all my awards have something to do with English, so i guess they are useless</p>

<p>recs are ok, but i'll have to ask someone to translate them into English</p>

<p>my physics teacher says there is no way in hell that i will get into Dartmouth and my history teacher says i have a chance. but they are both Chinese and they know nothing about Dartmouth.</p>

<p>As someone who immigrated from China to North America merely 3 years ago, I can totally understand your situation. Your lack of substantial EC’s is most likely going to be evaluated in context of the Chinese educational system, which will make them work less against you.</p>

<p>Those SAT scores are simply amazing for someone who never lived in a English-speaking country. GPA and AP scores are looking good as well. Write an essay that emphasizes on your uniqueness and you should have a good chance</p>

<p>cheers…or should I say thanks?</p>