chance mee please :]

<p>White male
Large competitive high school
anticipated major: psych; minor: bio</p>


<p>GPA: 4.01 (W)
Rank: 140/955 (top15%)
ACT: 33 - Writing(31) Math(35) Reading(32) Science(34)
SAT II's: taking in october
Sr sched: BC Calc, AP Bio, AP Eng, AP Govt/Econ</p>

<p>Extra Currics</p>

<p>2 yrs JV Swimming
Started Red Cross Club with friend freshman year, took treasurer position, at this point over 200 members
4 yrs in Internation Jewish organization (BBYO) held position in chapter for 2 yrs and attended leadership programs every summer
4 yrs Member of Nation honor society completing 30 comm serv a year
4 yrs of anti-drug club
2 yrs of jewish student union club
2 yrs of health occupational students club</p>

Most improved/Swimmer of the year - 2 yrs in a row
3 chapter awards for jewish youth group</p>

<p>Comm serv/work</p>

<p>300+ hours of comm serv through local hospital, red cross, and jewish youth group
held atleast one job since 13 yrs old</p>


<p>Played guitar for 9 years
4 yrs tennis</p>

<p>Recommendations - 2 solid recs from teachers, and 1 from counseler</p>

<p>Essays- working on right now, they are turning out pretty good.</p>

<p>Are you planning to go to med school?
Your stat are excellent (way better than mine, how did you manage to have all of those extracurricular activities?) / What do you want us to chance you on? You definitely get into a college, now the question is which one will you apply. </p>


<p>3rd year college student</p>

<p>yeah I want to go to med school. and I notice your from too! im applying to Emory, UT Austin, Northwestern, USC, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, and probably a couple more</p>