Chance My Asian Friend

<p>Rising senior
State: NY
Race: Asian
Gender: Male</p>

<p>GPA: 95.7/100
Class rank: None.</p>

<p>his courseload worries him. he is pretty sure that it is only very rigorous, or could only be just rigorous, because he missed out on a lot of APs, like AP US History, Government and Politics, Calculus BC, Physics, etc. etc. It was not because of a schedule conflict, because teachers didn't think that he smart enough to reccommend him.</p>

Biology (self-studied, 5)
Chemistry (self-studied, 4)
English Language (5)
Statistics (5)
English Literature
French Language</p>

English 9
English 10
French II
French III</p>

<p>SAT I: 2250 (750 on everything)
SAT II: 770 English Literature, 770 Biology Molecular
PSAT: 225
ACT: 34 (35 English, 31 Reading, 33 Math, 35 Science)</p>

Plays guitar (Lead guiatarist in school band, Gr. 9-12)
Film Club (President, Gr. 9-12)
Volunteering: 100 hours at a library (Gr. 9-12)</p>

High Honors (Gr. 9-11)
National Honors Society (Gr. 11)
All county guitar 1st place (Gr. 9-11)
Best youth film at a local international film festival (Gr. 9-10)</p>

<p>Schools Applying To (By Choice):
1. Tufts University
2. Washington and Lee
3. Hamilton College
4. Syracuse
5. SUNY Buffalo
6. Buffalo State</p>

<p>He seems to be a shoo-in at all of these schools. Great standardized test scores, amazing GPA, and solid volunteering. Tell him not to worry about his scheduling. You don't have to take every AP offered in your school to come off as impressive- colleges just want to see that you somewhat challenged yourself throughout high school in your areas of interest. His resume definitely offers this- 6 AP exams are more than enough.</p>



<p>FINALLY someone on these boards that uses it correctly. I keep seeing "shoe-in" around these parts and it's ridiculous...</p>

<p>haha cool. I know what you mean- I know a lot of people who misspell and it drives me crazy. Anyway, good luck to you and your friend!</p>

<p>Are you guys serious? It's a very rigorous or could even be a rigorous schedule. I thought Tufts and W&L want most rigorous schedule.</p>


<p>Tufts is a crapshoot, Wash & Lee is iffy but he's probably okay, Hamilton is virtually certain, the rest are certain.</p>