Chance my child

American student. Wants to go to school in Canada. 1400 on SAT, taking ACT today. Public school with limited AP classes so she’s only taken 1 (English lang and comp, scored a 5), but is enrolled in 3 this semester and has taken 15 honors classes. Wants to major in English.

If her unweighted GPA is 3.7+, she’s fine. 3.5-3.6xx is iffy. Below 3.4 is unlikely. @nhtigerdad This is assuming that both SAT scores are 700 or at least 650.

Thank you, bouders. 690v/710m. Unweighted is above 3.7. Her first choice is McGill, but they require a 700v, or at least they did last year.

The minimum for Arts is a B+. A 3.3 is a B+. Looks like she has an excellent chance! Hopefully she can get a 28 on her ACT and then she should be in great shape!