Chance my daughter (EE)

<p>My daughter wishes to apply EE.
Her ACT is 30 and SAT2- Maths (790), Bio (770) and Chem (750). She has 5 on AP Chem and AP Bio. Her GPA is 3.8 unweighted. She has balanced ECA and is a leader in a service team for 3 years as well as an editor of her school newspaper.</p>

<p>She has a good chance, provided that her essays are well-written and unique.</p>

<p>Thank you. Since my daughter had already filed the common application essay, she could try her best to write the Wellesley supplement essay.</p>

<p>Her scores are good. But there's so much more than that. I think she has a good chance given she has adequate extracurriculars, recommendations, interview, and essays. Let me know if she has any questions or needs help, I will be applying as well!</p>

<p>Thanks StarbucksBarita. I have to say that my girl is an international student outside US. She has very good recommendations from her science and English teacher as well as counselor although she waived her right to see them. I wish very much that both of you can get in.</p>