Chance my daughter please

<p>My daughter has worked very hard since middle school to get into a good college. Her goal has always been an ivy. As a rising senior, she now doubts her qualifications to even make an attempt to apply. I think her resume is fantastic and that she should just apply and let the chips fall where they may. Do you think she is average or above?</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA: 4.0
Weighted GPS: 4.53
Class Size: 330 (All girls school)
Class Rank: I assume top 5%</p>

<p>SAT: reading: 690 math:660 writing: 760
subject test: Biology: 800 Chemistry: 800 World History:800
ACT: 33</p>

AP - 7 (includes 2 classes to be taken her senior year)
The rest are honors
Dual enrolled in a local community college</p>

<p>She will receive a Great Books Seal on her diploma</p>

<p>Extra Curricular:
Hospital volunteer 2 years
Youth ministry group leader for middle schoolers
Numerous Piano awards (has played for over 10 years)
Mu Alpha Theta - Math Honor Society
French Honor Society
National Honor Society
JV lacrosse
School Student Ambassador
Phi Theta Kappa (Community College NHS)
Tutor for elementary school students</p>

<p>Thank you in advance</p>

<p>Below average SAT scores (slightly).
ECs are nothing super spectacular but theyre good. She could get in, she might not.</p>

<p>She should certainly try. If possible, she should take SAT again and try to improve CR and Math scores. There is no guarantee for anyone -- even those with 2400 SATs ...</p>

<p>^^^ you seem to be ignoring the 33 ACT. Her stats are fine, although nothing really stands out in terms of extra curricular activities. And is there any particular reason she wants to go to Princeton, other than that she wants to go to an ivy?</p>

<p>I personally think she is okay. Nothing AMAZING, but her ACT score is better than her SAT I. Just report the ACT with the SAT sub. tests and she will be fine.</p>

<p>i wouldn't describe her resume as "fantastic," but good enough (gpa, test score). ecs don't standout to make it a sure thing. worth trying. high reach.</p>

<p>She has a chance to get into most Ivy's but I'm wondering what her career interests are. Not all Ivy's (or any other top school for that matter) are the same.</p>

<p>Thank you all the excellent feedback. Btw. She intends to study either biology, chemistry, or some related engineering discipline.</p>

<p>What ethnicity is she?</p>

<p>How is she going to do engineering with a 660 Math. They won't take her seriously at princeton.</p>

<p>@shaggy she is Filipino</p>

<p>also, engineering needs sat 2 math. girl+engineering could be a small boost, but it has to be supported by other factors she doesn't have yet.</p>

<p>There are plenty of girls with high math SAT scores already applying to Princeton. And the Princeton engineering department requires more essays and different application requirements than the A.B. app. </p>

<p>Unless she has super high math scores, I'd discourage her from applying for Engineering.</p>

<p>It’s not a bad idea to try. A friend of mine this year only got an 1860 on his SATs and he applied to Princeton. His ECs and SAT scores + GPA/rank were far below your daughter’s yet he still got an interview with a princeton alumni. Although he ultimately got rejected, he still had an interview, and got much farther than people who had 2300s and above who got flat out rejected in my school.</p>


<p>Princeton tries to give every applicant an alumni interview–it has nothing to do with the perceived strength of an application.</p>

<p>What are her AP scores and her ACT breakdown?</p>

<p>Sorry all, I misstated her AP classes.
She’s taking 4 her senior year: Physics, Calculas, English, and French.</p>

<p>She has taken:
Class - Score
US History - 5
Chemistry - 5
English Language / Composition - 5
Biology - 5
World History - 4</p>