Chance my daughter, please

Core UW: 4.0, 4.4 W
Many honors, 2 AP classes
200+ Volunteer hours, NHS, many clubs
Early Childhood Education Teaching Certificate/CDA

We know her SAT score is a big issue! She will be studying all summer and retaking it in August. I know scores don’t usually go up much, so I’m wondering what her chances are as is. It seems like due to her SAT there are no public Florida schools that she can get into, which is a shame considering she has always worked so hard in advanced classes and has a high GPA.

It seems like USF doesn’t consider any of the extra curriculars, volunteer hours, honor societies…etc. Is this true?

You probably already know this, but there are several FL universities she should readily be admitted into.

U of North FL - She’s not far off their middle-50% SAT score. With her great GPA, she should get in.

FAU - Should be an easy admit.

FGCU - Her SAT is right in their sweet spot. Should be an easy admit.

And several other schools where she’s just below the mid-50% range might be decent bets.


Have you tried an ACT? It might be easier for her.

Have you considered Lynn University?

She did try the ACT. It wasn’t good. She kind of went in blind for that though. Her big issue is the math portion, the reading is ok. She felt the math was tougher in the ACT so we have decided to concentrate more on math improvement and the SAT.

@EconPop Thank you! We are in South Florida and as much as she would like the whole going away college experience, FAU will definitely have to remain on her list. We have to look at the other two to see if they offer SLP. I will keep them in mind too!

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USF superscores SAT and ACT attempts, so a re-take should be fruitful…