Chance my daughter RD

Applying RD, Psychology major

GPA: 3.77 unweighted, 4.18 weighted (maybe higher? Can’t remember since her school doesn’t offer weighted so I had to manually calculate it) at end of junior year.

Coursework: 1 Honors and 7 AP’s total (including 4 AP’s being taken senior year), A’s in all AP’s with the exception of 1 B.

Extracurriculars: 4 years of varsity (team captain) and National level club volleyball, plus summer beach volleyball. Started a local dog walking and pet sitting business, volunteered for 7 Cups as an online teen therapist (listener). Spent her entire childhood as a competitive figure skater (used as subject of her common app essay).

Awards: Various honor rolls

Essay: Daughter is an excellent writer, her AP Lang teacher (PhD) proofread, essay and supplement were very good to us!

Test Score: did not submit

Thank you in advance!!!

Isn’t the decision coming soon?

For psych - certainly a chance. But you’ll know soon enough.

Are you full pay ? I believe my alma mater is need aware. That will help.

My S was accepted RD last year (went elsewhere) with overall slightly lower stats. He was accepted midway through the decision rollout to Maxwell with a Policy Studies major. SAT 1420, GPA 3.6 UW / 4.5 W, six AP classes (all 4’s) and tons of honors level courses at a competitive (test in) inner city high school. Probably below average ECs but an excellent essay (several ACs actually hand wrote comments to him about the essay). We were full pay. Did some virtual stuff but no visit or interview.

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