Chance my daughter (Thoughts?)

I know Georgia is like Florida as its very hard to get into… wanted to get everyones opinion on her chances

Out of State (South Florida)
UGA recalculated 4.33 ( I removed all high schools classes in 8th grade & Dual Enrollment)
SAT 1300
Ranked 15/565 Top 3%
Started not for Profit club at School as Co President
300+ community service hours focused on 2 organizations one of which she was Co-President
5 Dual Enrollment Classes
9 AP/AICE Classes
the remaining all honors level
Senior Schedule 6 AP/AICE and 1 honors

Did she apply EA or RD?


@sdl0625 Early Action

@sdl0625 is there a difference in why you are asking? from admittance purposes?

She’ll probably get deferred to RD. Her SAT is just at the 25th%ile. Has a shot during RD but not guaranteed.

I have a niece at this school and I know that 100% of EA is dependent on scores (there’s not even an area to enter any data other than scores)…and @itsgettingreal17 is correct that your D’s stats are in the lower quadrant. But once she’s deferred, she can make an argument around her community service hours and sports activities.

So GPA is not in the mix for for EA? I have never heard of it being done like that?

in EA both GPA and test scores are considered. In RD everything else is. Up until a few years ago, an essay was not needed unless you were RD or deferred to RD

My guess is she will probably be deferred. Early action only looks at GPA and test scores. While her GPA is a match, her test scores are a little low. I was told to be a match in a public university you really need to be in the 75th percentile for grades and scores. She’s in the 75th for grades but her scores are more like 25th. That being said, everything else comes into play for regular decision so essays, recommendations etc. Good news is that Georgia does not give preference to in-state students so she is on a level playing field with the Georgia residents.

from the UGA blog
In our EA review process (and later on in RD as well), we have an initial academic review. From there, we determine the next step. For some EA applicants, we will move forward with a holistic review in EA if they are just below the range of students who we will admit based on academics alone. We cannot review everyone holistically in EA and still meet our timeline for our decision release, as we do not have enough staff to do so within our tight EA timeline. We do have the time from December to March, so that is when we will be doing a great deal of our holistic reviews. It depends on the individual student and their academics (as compared to the whole applicant pool) in determining when the holistic review will happen.

FYI … check out Twitter for UGA Admissions … as these specific comments were just referenced (and disputed) … they actually look at everything for EA

@mcfad4 found it thx… looks like they look at everything for kids who are just on the edge of the middle range of the current EA students

That is correct. Here are the EA stats from last year. We are in state and for the most part at our high school the kids that got in EA To Georgia were also getting into UNC, Michigan, UVA, Ga Tech, etc. - the top of the applicant pool with high rigor, grades, scores.