Chance my DD

3.43 UW (9-12)
SAT 1535

Volunteer at a mental health initiative - last two years
Paid tutor job - two semesters
School swim team
Research project on going with a professor’s guidance - since beginning of this year

Areas of interest:
Biology (neuroscience - molecular, cellular), Biomedical engineering with minor in computer science

Colleges: Mid-large campus.

What are her chances at CWRU/Upitt/Purdue/Wisconsin
What the colleges should be considered? Interested in west coast, east coast colleges as well.

What’s her school rank? Course rigor? Unless her school has massive grade deflation, the schools you listed are going to be a reach with the GPA.

A high SAT is not going to compensate for a low GPA.

Her school does not rank. 6 rigor courses.
3.43 should have been from 9-11, currently a senior.

Is there an upward trend? UPitt is probably doable but I think look into all of your in-state options! CWRU seems unlikely.

Quick question; is her SAT 1530 or 1540? Not that it would make a difference, I just want to make sure there wasn’t a typo. I think her GPA may be low, but she can still apply to these schools as reaches. CWRU may be a high reach, but her essays and LORs can be the things to get her into one of those schools.

If you can afford out of state tuition, look at UCSD. They have a wonderful life sciences program, plus they have good computational sciences. There are loads of biotech companies in the area for internships. Also the OOS acceptance rate for UCSD is nearly 50%, so despite her GPA, she might get a serious look.

UCSD like all UC‘ s use 10-11th grades for the UC a-g course requirements (including 1 year of a visual/performing arts course) for their GPA calculation.

If her UC capped weighted GPA is below a 4.0, it will be a tough admit especially for Biological sciences which is a capped major. Neuroscience is also a very popular major.

Yes the OOS admit rate is higher but this is due to a low matriculation rate for OOS students since you will be full pay at $65K/year to attend with no financial aid.

Thanks all for your replies.

@riverandsasha3. Her SAT score is 1530.
@medop7 Yes. The GPA trend is upwards trend.