chance my ds please

<p>weighted GPA 3.52
ACT 24
2 dual enrollment classes (one is specifically a JMU related course - GIS - 2 JMU professors visit the class on regular basis)
Boys State (elected party chairman), NHS, Beta Club, elementary school tutor, sound technician at church, food pantry, Varsity football and wrestling, JV baseball, district youth council</p>

<p>i'm assuming instate because you say 2 JMU professors visit class.
The GPA is a little on the low side and I don't know anything about the ACT (sorry!!), but I would say he has a pretty good chance :)
good luck!</p>

<p>Yes, my son is IN-STATE and NOT Northern VA but Richmond metro area.</p>

<p>JMU is getting more competitive with the number of applicants rising each year. My child was waitlisted last year and we thought he was very competitive. He had a 3.9 weighted GPA, 2000 SAT, NHS, National Beta Club, Latin Honor Society, Certificate of Merit-National Merit Scholarship Program(1 of 3 from his HS), AP Scholar with distinction(1 of 4 from his HS), Eagle Scout, and two very nice awards from the community for his many hours of community service along with many other school awards. JMU was is first choice school and he was very disappointed. On a happier note, he did get off the waitlist and matriculated to JMU with 21 college credits earned from high school and he is very happy. I just wanted to warn those reading this not to be overconfident about admissions because it is getting tougher. I don't wish on anyone the emotional rollercoaster my son went on last spring.</p>

<p>Blueshoe, thank you for posting this. My son's first choice is JMU and I am crossing my fingers for him.</p>

<p>blueshoe... that's sounds about right.
I've also heard of jmu sometimes waitlisting VERY competitive applicants because usually student like that end up going to UVA or William and Mary. and also if they are from NOVA because of the large amount of applicants from that area.</p>