Chance my Friend

<p>Rising Senior
He's applying to:
U Chicago, Dartmouth, JHU, NYU Stern, UC Berkeley, WUSTL, Duke, Northwestern
Asian Male
3.83 GPA UW (I think), probably around a 4.3-4.5 WGPA
Sophomore Year Ap's: Gov
Junior Year Ap's: Psych, Lang, Music Theory, World History
Senior Year Ap's: Bio, AB Calc, Lit, Econ, AP Latin
Not too sure about the test scores, think they're mostly 5's with maybe one 4
SAT: 2260 (CR-770, W-750, M-740)
SAT II: World History-750, Bio-750</p>

Played Piano for 10 years
Saxophone for 6 years
Founder of School Politics Club
Over 260 Hours of community service at local thrift store
Worked as an "ambassador" (helped with freshman orientation, organized school events, gave tours to new students et cetera)
School Mock Trial Club
Habitat for humanity
Latin Honor Society
Some type of school run food charity (a lot of fund raiser based stuff)
Helped translate portions of the script of a Chinese drama television series (his name is in the credits)</p>

<p>It's likely that he's done some other things that I've failed to remember</p>

<p>Seems to have a pretty good relationship with several of his teachers, and he is a pretty good writer (essays shouldn't be much of a problem)</p>

<p>So what are his chances?</p>

And will chance back</p>

<p>Generic ECs except for boxer and thrift store (they sound interesting, any major recognition with them?)
SATs are good but still slightly on lower side for an asian male. It sucks to be one (I would know).
Does he have official leadership in any of these things?
NYU Stern- Match, Berkely- Match, rest are reaches
Chance me back?</p>

Don't think he has a leadership position in most of the clubs
Sorry to bother, but can you give a bit more detail on what kind of reaches he'll have?
Also forgot to add that he helped campaign for Obama in '08, and that he has a double legacy at Dartmouth</p>

<p>^like helped campaign by putting up a yard sign or giving out bumper stickers?</p>

<p>He did that, in addition to organizing meetings outside of school to educate people about Obama's goals and whatnot, a few other things beyond that, TBH I didn't pay much attention to what he was doing (I'm a republican)</p>

<p>Bump bumpity bump</p>

<p>SATI is almost exactly 50th percentile for admitted students @ UofC - if he can, he should probably take it again in October. Boxer and saxophone ECs are a little out of the ordinary; they look good. Lack of major awards. I'm not sure how much emphasis Dartmouth puts on legacy, but it certainly won't hurt him. I'd advise him to get started on his essays early (now). That way, he'll have plenty of time to redraft and tweak them.</p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback guys, I actually spoke to him over the phone during lunch, and apparently, I've misreported his SAT scores, he got the 2260 during the January test, he took it again in May and managed a 2320 (don't know the breakdown).</p>

<p>A few more details he provided me:
Pretty decent amateur boxing record, something along the lines of 18-2, didn't compete in any big competitions though, (golden gloves always seemed to happen near AP testing, or SAT II's)</p>

<p>He is the president of the Politics club, and does organizes all events of the club, two that I can think of off the top of my head are a series of fundraisers so he could take the club on a DC trip, and holding a design contest for the club tee-shirt, as well as collecting funds and whatnot.</p>

<p>Apparently tutors kids from the nearby middle school twice a week, mostly things like algebra, geometry and history.</p>

<p>Runs a small club type thing with a few of his AP english buddies, what they do is allow other students to submit to them their essays, they edit them and provide feedback, and generally try to steer them in the right direction. (This is not recognized by the school)</p>

<p>Holds/Held some kind of chair position for the Latin honor society, though I'm unsure what it was, likely Treasurer or Secretary.</p>

<p>Is there anyway to edit my original post, I haven't had a really serious conversation with the guy since the start of summer, and as you can see, I've forgotten a lot details on the things he's been involved with.</p>

<p>In soviet russia
post bump you?</p>

<p>GPA and stats seem solid enough for at least 2 of the schools you listed.</p>

<p>U of Chicago-- Match
Duke- High Match (just b/c it's so hard to get into)
Ivies- reach (is this way for everyone)
Northwestern- Match
Good luck!</p>

<p>i think u'd be a match/low reach for berk</p>

<p>Sorry to chance back a little late (I was on vacation) Okay ...</p>

<p>U Chicago, Dartmouth, JHU, NYU Stern, UC Berkeley, WUSTL, Duke, Northwestern</p>

<p>U Chicago -???? (sorry don't know too much about Uchicago)
Dartmouth -Low Reach
JHU - Mid Match
NYU Stern-Match (Don't know what stern is?)
UC Berkeley-Low Match
WUSTL- Low Reach
Duke- Low Reach (is for everyone)