Chance my Kid Auburn EA and Indiana University EA

Virginia Resident
Large Public High School

Undecided Major
3.9 W, 3.7 UW (4.0 scale)
5 AP, 6 Honors, 1 DE
No class rank
Not submitting test scores

4 year varsity swim team
4 year varsity field hockey
3 year officer of Best Buddies
Spanish National Honor Society
Part time job at restaurant since 7/2020
weekly Volunteer service making food for shelter
Summer swim team member & coach

Highly likely to get in both but not necessarily in EA round.

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Safety to both

Every kid in our town that applies to Auburn gets in - tons of kids. We are 3 states away and these kids are 100 percent into fraternity parties, spray tans, and Instagram accounts. My point being your child is getting in!

Ouch. I agree that Auburn is a safety for this student but that’s a little harsh. Only about 25% of the students are involved in Greek life. Auburn grads have gone on to be Rhodes scholars, academy award winners and the CEO of Apple. My own kid who had a 35 on his ACT and was an A student with loads of APs was in the honors college along with lots of other bright and highly accomplished students. He is 22, making a six figure salary and had a fabulous college experience.

Yes auburn is a great school, so says this Yale admit.

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I agree it is a great school and many graduates have done incredibly well. My only point was her student will get accepted. Unless the student has something glaring on their application - those kinds of stats are a no-brainer for admission. I was only referring to the Rush Tok kids who seem to flock to Auburn and Alabama from our hometown.

Not this year…
Just passed 40,000 applications

16,000 more applications than last year at this time

69% increase in EA applications over Class of 2025

115% increase in EA applications over Class of 2024

Accepted student for EA = 4.21w (average OOS admission 4.27w)

Accepted student for EA average SAT = 1350 (this is 50 points ABOVE their top 75% for Class of 2024!!)

Accepted student for EA average ACT=29

Accepted students who submitted tests = 93% - so only 7% of test optional kids were admitted

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