Chance my son Illinois resident, Computer Science + Stats at [UIUC's] Liberal Arts College [3.6 GPA, 1580 SAT]

Illinois resident, US citizen
Asian Indian

Interested in Computer Science (as his chances at Engineering college are low) aiming for Computer Science + Statistics at Liberal Arts College.

Unweighted GPA (upto junior year) 3.6
SAT Score : 1500, 1520, 1580
Not sure of weighted GPA (Has taken all possible APs) Scored 4 in most of the APs

AP courses

Calculus BC 4
­ Subscore: Calculus AB Subscore 4
English Language and Composition 5
Macroeconomics 4
Physics 1 3
Physics 2 4
United States Government and Politics 4
Computer Science A 4
Statistics 4
United States History 3
Computer Science Principles 5
World History: Modern 4

Scholastic Bowl won in regional competitions
Paid Internship at a software company during the summer
Many service hours
Tutoring for a few years

What are his chances to get into Computer Science at University of Illinois Urbana at Liberal Arts colleges. Please suggest good fit colleges for computer science

Are you the parent or the student?


Chances for CS + X is higher than for CS. Being instate should help. The student should consider retaking SAT if feasible.

Why retake the SAT? The OP says he reached 1580?


When I saw initially I only saw the 1500 score. Not sure if OP added it afterwards. Ya, with a 1580 no need to retake of course.


Does that gpa include junior year (is says up to)? To be frank, it is a little on the low side for CS at a lot of schools, although that could be offset by the excellent SAT. Some schools that could be in reach for CS: RIT, RPI, WPI.

If I am reading the OP’s original post correctly, the student already took the SAT three times with a high score of 1580. Why would they retake the test when they already have a near perfect score?

Why would you want to pursue a CompSci degree at a LAC? The strong CompSci programs are all at major research universities (MIT, Stanford, UIUC, etc.) or technical colleges like Harvey Mudd.

At UIUC CompSci is in the Grainger College of Engineering.

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I am concerned with his GPA. His unweighted GPA is 3.6 and weighted GPA is 4.7. I feel the chances of him getting into Grainger college of engineering slim. He also like Statistics, so that way it can prepare him more on data analytics

They added that info after I replied.

Yes GPA includes Junior Year.

Deleted. Reply did not match the intent of the question.

I agree CS in Grainger is probably out of reach. CS+stats could work but still a low reach probably. I defer to however his HS GC would categorize it. What will be his second major choice at UIUC?

What are the parameters for adding other schools to the list? Geography, size, etc. Are there budget constraints?

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In general he is interested in only computer science. Since UUIC do not allow to add other computer science major as second choice we may have to choose another school that he can get in for computer science.

I personally prefer any college in midwest rather than going faraway. He personally don’t have any preference on geographical location. He aspire to graduated from a college where there are more opportunities for employment in campus itself. In general no budget considerations if the tuition fee worth the outcome.

There are many possible schools for him. Does he have any other schools on his list right now? Is that unweighted GPA in core courses only (Eng, Sci, SS, Foreign Lang, Math)?

For Midwest I would have him research Iowa, Iowa State, Purdue, U Minn, U Dayton, Ohio State, U Wisconsin, UIC, Illinois Tech, DePaul, Loyola, SLU, Michigan State, Case Western, Miami Ohio, U Cincinnati. St. Olaf if he would like small LAC.

Schools outside the midwest: Santa Clara, RIT, U Rochester, George Mason, almost any state flagship including those with relatively high acceptance rates will have good CS… UC Boulder, ASU, U Arizona, U Utah, Kansas, etc.


Do you have an annual college budget for this student? Some of the suggested colleges are pretty pricey…

As suggestions for Midwestern LACs, look into Carleton and Grinnell. Both offer excellent computer science programs.

OP said this:

This list of schools is very worth researching for this student.