Chance my tranfer to make my day :)

<p>Ok so here is my case.</p>

<p>2.3ish GPA in H.S.
2080 on the SATS(retaken in college)</p>

<p>now at Hunter College in NYC(undecided liberal arts major)</p>

<p>4.0 GPA</p>

<p>1 summer class = 3 credits
4 classes plus a 4 credit full time internship at Sony Music.= 16 credits</p>

<p>then during the winter intersession I took 7 classes online through three different colleges (erie community, suny oswego, and suny purchase) =22 credits</p>

<p>this semester I'm taking six 300 level classes at Hunter, a 3 credit internship at Sony, and a 3 credit online class at Erie= 24 credits </p>

<p>So to sum it up: baaaaad high school stats versus 4.0 in college while completing 65 credits in one year.</p>

<p>Extra Stuff: </p>

<p>-gave my high school graduation speech(my school didn't rank so we did a live "speech-off" that the faculty voted on)</p>

<p>-full time internship at Sony Music</p>

<p>-helped work with student groups at various business schools including penn state, usc marshall and upenn wharton to book speaking gigs for the CEO of a small record label</p>

<p>-one very good rec, one good rec, and one supplemental Rec. from a high school teacher who talks about my "journey". </p>

<p>Now the FUN part!</p>

<p>I want to attend(in order of my desire)</p>

2)UPenn(legacy, although I'm not sure that it matters for transfers)
5)NYU Gallatin

<p>everything but NYU would be CAS.</p>

<p>I would really appreciate the input of the College Confidential community.
I'm going to apply to these schools no matter what, but I'd like to calm my nerves (one way or another) until that dreaded second week of May.</p>

<p>If I understood correctly, you've completed 1 year of college credits, correct? Also, what classes did you take (eg. the 7 online ones). I mean, generally you can't take rigorous classes like calculus, bio, etc.. online. Were these just classes you took to boost your GPA? I'm not saying they will hurt you, but the rigor of your classes will matter.</p>

<p>Also, the fact that you've completed only 1 year of college will lead most colleges to look at your HS stats as well. If I were you, I'd go ahead and apply to a school or two, but I wouldn't count onit (especially the schools you've listed; difficult schools to get into as transfers). But I would also focus on taking some more classes next year, then applying. You'll have a much better chance.</p>

<p>Well I have about as many credits as sophomores do at the same time. For most schools I would qualify as a junior transfer. However, all the schools that I listed will still consider my high school stats.</p>

<p>The 7 online courses were as follows : </p>

<p>from erie: american history 1, computer science, western civ 2, sociology 1, and sociology 2</p>

<p>from purchase college: western religions( a 300 level course)
and from suny oswego: geography 101.</p>

<p>so the answer is , no they weren't science or math courses. But they werent remedial courses either.</p>

<p>any other help or input would be appreciated!!</p>

<p>As a general rule if you didn't have a chance of getting into a college as a freshmen applicant, your chances as a sophomore transfer regardless of anything is low. One semester of college will not mitigate four years of high school. Your HS record will be weighed as equally as your college record, so the odds aren't looking too good for you. </p>

<p>Also do you need financial aid? Brown University is "need aware" which means that they factor in whether or not you can pay for Brown. Also, I don't think your online classes will count for credit that is transferable. As a sophomore transfer, I would weigh your chances as follows: </p>

<p>1)Brown - Reach
2)UPenn - Reach
3)UChicago - Reach
4)Columbia - Reach
5)NYU Gallatin - High match
6)UVA- (are you OOS?) maybe high match as well</p>

Also, I don't think your online classes will count for credit that is transferable.


<p>It doesn't matter if a class is online or not. My community college does not note anywhere on transcripts or anything whether a class is online or not. I believe most/all other community colleges are the same.</p>