Chance my UMD

This is a link to my stats and all things needed for chanceme posts. I want to know what my chances would be at university of maryland college-park. I have heard that UMD is major-blind, but I will apply for cs if that changes anything. I know my gpa is terrible, but I think I have good extra curriculars and essays, as well as an upward trend. Would this still mean I don’t have a good chance?

Is this GPA on par with other high performing students in your high school? On the surface, your AP scores, SAT scores , publications etc, don’t seem to be in line with this GPA, so you may need to provide some context for this. UMD does look heavily at GPA.

Also, UMD has a mandate to favor in state students. So it’s somewhat competitive for OOS students. And CS is an Limited Enrollment Program there , and so you will want to apply by their EA deadline.

UMD admits to the college first and then to specific major. If you don’t get into your specific major you are placed into Letters and Sciences. You are then able to apply to your major after meeting gateway requirements. As stated above, definitely apply EA.

It is a bit misleading to consider UMD admissions as “Major-Blind”. Each applications is reviewed by more than one admissions committee.

The first review is just for admission to UMD and results in a Fall Admission, a Spring Admission, or a Denied Admission.

Following that there is a review for admission into a Major. This really only applies to Majors (and CS is one) that are Limited Enrollment Programs (LEPs) These are Majors that have more applicants than UMD has resources (professors, staff, labs, etc) to accommodate them. Each LEP has its own Admission Committee.

Applications are also reviewed by separate Committees for the Honors College, the Scholars Program and other Special Programs and Living-Learning Communities.

It is true that UMD has a mandate to maintain a student population that consists of approximately 70% In-State students.

Students who apply for a LEP and are not admitted, are placed in Letters and Sciences and can apply for an Internal Transfer after completely “Gateway” courses with a specified GPA.

The UMD CS Department has an FAQ answer about guaranteed admission following completion of the Gateway courses and their answer is:
“Yes. All students who successfully complete the gateway requirements will be admitted to the major.”

These Gateway courses are the exact same courses taken by students who are directly admitted to CS at UMD.

I cannot really say what your chances are. I just don’t know. But 1560 is a very good SAT score.

If you are serious about attending UMD, it is Very important to apply EA and make sure that ALL required application material is submitted by the EA deadline.


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