Chance of Acceptance?

I visited Willamette this summer and fell in love with the campus and the vibe that it has. I have been doing a lot of research to try and estimate my chances of getting accepted. I honestly can’t tell because the statistics I have seen are all over the place. If you could let me know what you think my odds are and whether or not this school will be a big reach for me. Thanks!
UW GPA: 3.72 (I also have an upward trend in my grades if that means anything at all to the admission staff at WU)
W GPA: 3.8
SAT: 1700 (First time taking it; I plan to take the test two more times before I submit my application)
ECs: Multiple sports, academic clubs(science fair), volunteer work, a job, ect.

Thanks again!

You will likely get in but if you get those SAT scores up you might be eligible for some aid