Chance of ED at Cornell

<p>I was wondering my chances at ED Cornell School of Agriculture and Life Sciences</p>

<p>-caucasian female
-Live in New York City
-I go to a school of the arts (I major in Visual Art). I have a portfolio, but I am extrememly interesting in biology--I want to focus on ichthyology (fish biology).
-Average: 94.8
-Top 5% of class
-SAT 1410 (Ver:710, Math:700)
-SAT II (Math IC:700, Biology:700, Writing: 660)
-Several Honors classes (too many to count)
-Junior year I took AP English (4)
-Taking AP Art History and AP Calculus now</p>

-Docent at The New York Aquarium
-Tour Guide at Museum of the City of NY
-Counselor at Manhattan School of Music Conservatory
-Intern at American Craft Museum
-Curated student work at The Museuem of Modern Art
-Worked on the Museum of Modern Art Teen Website
-Part of ISO (Inter-School Orcestra) Band and Orchestra</p>

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