Chance of getting accepted

<p>I am an international student from Taiwan and is currently studying engineering at the University of Rochester. I am a freshman that is looking forward transfer. My SAT test two years ago was 1940 and TOEFL score was 102 (ibt). And I scored 800 on Math2, Physics, and Chemistry on SAT2. My GPA for last semester is 3.93, and two of the courses that I took are in the honors series. Will my GPA be able to cover up my SAT scores. My goal is to transfer to the top 20 universities. Is it possible? What are the things I can do increase the chance of getting accepted?Thanks!!</p>

<p>Rochester is a very good engineering school. I am not sure why you might want to leave. Other than MIT and Stanford, most top 20 schools will not have a better engineering school than UR.</p>

<p>You should try to transfer anyway, if you want to.</p>

<p>Yes, you GPA should help a lot. You now have experience at the college level and you have proven yourself. Go ahead, try for MIT and Stanford. Both have amazing engineering schools. You might also consider Carnegie-Mellon or Georgia Tech. Otherwise, Rochester will be hard to beat.</p>

<p>Sorry, you should also apply to Cornell. Excellent engineering school there.</p>

<p>Well, Im thinking about majoring in computer science and minoring in voice and transferring to warmer places or big cities…
Do I have a chance of getting into Columbia or JHU or Rice ? I really am not considering retaking the SAT…</p>