Chance of getting in through ED

<p>Hello, I am wondering if applying to Amherst College through Early decision may be easier than regular decision? The statistics speak for itself, but aren’t the applicants applying for early decision have super high grades?
I am in a pretty competitive private high school, and so my grades are considered to be pretty good (3.85ish) Do I have a shot at this school next year?</p>

<p>A large reason that ED rates are significantly higher is that hooked applicants are admitted in the ED round. Most recruited athletes and lots of legacies apply ED.</p>

<p>Is there some benefit to "normal" applicants going ED? Maybe. Looking at results for top LAC ED this year, it does not seem like the only people to get in are hooked or near perfect stats, so it might be worth a shot. But I would not suggest going ED unless Amherst is your clear first choice, and you should take a look at their financial aid calculator (if you need financial aid) to make sure the estimate is in the ballpark of what you would be able to pay/what you're willing to take on as debt.</p>