Chance of getting in to Georgia Tech?

I am currently going into my Junior year of high school. Black female. I haven’t figured my unweighted GPA from my sophomore year but my unweighted GPA from freshmen year is 3.88, and the sophomore one should be pretty similar. I am on the volleyball team, a cheerleader, apart of the Theater program, Student Council Correspondant, VP of a small program at the local Urban League (we do fundraisers and stuff), I play the Clarinet in the band, and I will soon be a member of National Honor Society. If I get a good score on my SATs, do I have a chance of getting into GIT? Should I add more clubs? I’m really busy as is but if it means
getting into Georgia Tech, I’ll do it. I will be taking AP English this year and
Honors Pre-Calculus.

Depends on test scores

Since you are a black female I’d say as long as you have a 30 act you’'ll get in and make sure to take calculus. Also, NHS isn’t that important if i were you i’d look for cooler things to put on your app, try doing habitat for humanity colleges love that

Get a 33 or more on the ACT or 2200 or more on the SAT and you will have an extremely high shot at GT.