Chance of getting in?

<p>I'm a rising senior at an incredibly competitive public high school and Duke has been my dream school since I was about 7.</p>

<p>Gender: Female
Race: White</p>

<p>Legacy: No immediate (i.e. father or mother), but my aunt (by marriage) went there, as did her father and grandfather, and her son will be a freshman in the fall</p>

-Math: 770 (first time)
-English: 740 (second time)
-Writing: 680 (second time; the essay killed me. I got 8s twice)</p>

<p>SAT II:
-Math 2: 800
-English Lit: 690</p>

<p>Current GPA:
-Unweighted: 4.0
-Weighted: 5.4</p>

<p>Class Rank: somewhere in the 30s I believe (my graduating class has roughly 600 students)</p>

<p>Senior Course Load:
-Economics Honors
-History of the Vietnam War
-AP Stat
-AP Eng Lit
-AP Span Lang
-AP Art Port
-AP Art Hist
-AP Envi Sci</p>

-Draw/Paint II
-Span III Hn
-AP Chem
-AP US Hist
-AP Eng Lang
-AP Calc BC
-Journalism V (Yearbook)</p>

-AP World Hist
-Eng II Hn
-Analysis of Func Hn (Pre-Calc)
-Chem Hn
-Span II Hn
-Journalism III (Yrbk supplement)
-Photo I
-Photo II</p>

-Alg II Hn
-Eng I Hn
-HOPE (PE/Health)
-US Gov’t Hn
-Painting I
-Spanish I
-Keyboarding and Business Skills
-Biology Hn</p>

<p>AP Scores:
-World Hist: 5
-I anticipate 4s and 5s for every AP I took my junior year</p>

-Anchor Service (9,10,11,12): Extremely Active; 11-VP Historian; 12-President
-Literary Club (9,10)
-Astronomy Club (11): I was asked to design the shirt even though I wasn’t a member of the club, so I was given membership as a thank-you</p>

<p>Honor Societies:
-Mu Alpha Theta (9,10,11,12): 9-Honorary member; 10-Historian and member of the Pre-Calc team; 11-Secretary and member of the Calculus team; 12-anticipating VP and member of the Calculus team; I have attended many competitions (thus far: 4 Math Bowls—team placing in top 5 every time; 2 State Competitions; countless regional and invitational competitions way too early on Saturdays)
-Social Studies Honors (11,12): 11-VP (organized and supervised Winter Wonderland event, made fliers and served as Public Relations Coordinator for service projects and events); 12-Cabinet Member (I was guaranteed president, however I was cheated because the incompetent and moronic club sponsor named 2 people who had not been on board at all my junior year as presidents.)
-Beta (10,11,12): Tutor in math and science all 3 years
-Science Honors Society (11,12)
-English National Honor Society (12): 12-Public Relations (my school just received a charter and my senior year will be the first year our school will have an ENHS)
-Art National Honor Society (11,12): 12-VP or Sec/Treas
-Spanish National Honor Society (11,12)
-NHS (10,11,12)
-I Dare You (10,11,12)</p>

-Painting and drawing—art is my number one passion
-Listening and playing music—music is my second</p>

-Babysitting (since I was 11)
-Tutor (Feb 2009- May 2011)
-Sales Associate at a vintage clothing and accessory boutique (May-Dec 2009)</p>

<p>Volunteer Work:
-Child Abuse Council (summer and fall 2008)
-Local Summer Science Camp (summer 2010): worked as an assistant councilor, playing with and overseeing children ages 4-16
-Many projects over the years with Anchor</p>

-Pre-Calc and Calc teacher (also the sponsor of Mu Alpha Theta)
-Junior year English teacher (sponsor of ENHS)
(I expect both teacher recs to be rave reviews)
-I’ll also be sending in one from aunt that attended Duke</p>

<p>Duke TIP Summer Program:
-Summer after 7th grade: I attended Davidson and took State Your Case: The Art of Debate
-Summer after 8th grade: I attended Duke West and took Primate Biology</p>

<p>Although my writing score on the SAT I is not the best, it does not reflect me writing ability. I expect my essays will be excellent.</p>

<p>I will be submitting the optional art supplement; however I am worried that I may not be good enough. I think I have talent and will grow immensely when I have proper teachers, but I do not know what caliber Duke is looking for. I figure it can’t hurt me—am I wrong on this assumption?</p>

<p>Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.</p>