Chance of getting into biomedical engineering programs?

Hi! I’m looking to apply to Caltech, Tufts, University of Chicago, Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, MIT, University of Michigan, Georgia Tech, Northeastern and Boston University (haven’t finalized my list yet). Hoping to get some recommendations what schools I might have a better shot at and my overall chances. I’m also hoping that the fact that I’m a girl w/ some science research background applying to engineering programs will help.

School Type: Public
Location: Massachusetts (suburb)
Race/Gender: Asian, Female
Prospective Major: Biomedical Engineering, hopefully Minor in International Relations
Unweighted GPA: 4.0
Weighted GPA: 4.41/5.0
Class rank: Top 5% (15/360)

ACT Scores: Haven’t been able to take it yet cause COVID :frowning:

  • Hope to get a 33/34 if I get a chance to take it this fall

AP Scores:
AP Calculus BC: 4
AP Biology: 4
AP Lang & Comp: 3 (prob could’ve done better cause I hated that only one essay represents my whole score)
AP Seminar: 3 (thought I did better but 60% of ppl got a 3 so idk what kinda curve it is)
*taking AP Stats, AP Chem, & AP Lit next year

*3-season varsity XC & Distance Track Athlete (Top 3-4 on my school team)
*Looking to run at a D3 school; got some interest but I need to improve my times + might have to walk-on at some schools
*XC Scholastic Athlete (highest GPA on my team), Most Improved (Track), hoping to make 1st All-Conference this fall


  • Boston Leadership Institute Biotech/Chemistry week-long programs
  • Boston University Summerlab Biotechology program (2-weeks, residential)
  • Tufts University BioSequencing Summer Study (did research/getting my professor to write me a rec)
  • Accepted into Harvard Summer Program & planned to attend this summer (canceled due to COVID), but choose to do Edx courses in programming and quantitive biology cause its cheaper (certified courses)

*Model UN club: 9th-12th & co-president this upcoming year

  • also received multiple conference awards (best delegate (1), oustanding (2), honorable mention (2)); hoping to qualify for national conference this year
  • Interact Club (volunteer club): 10th-12th & VP this coming year, also RYLA scholar
    *Science Honors Society: President/Board Member; reviving it this year
    *Key Club (volunteer club): 9th-12th & treasurer last year (11th)
    *Orchestra: 9th-12th; Member of general ensemble in 11th + 12th grade, played for 8 years
    *Mock Trial: taking it this upcoming year
    *Freshman Mentor
    *Umass Climate Change Initiative: doing research + activism

*Church Nursery Caregiver + Youth Service Assisstant at local Universalist Unitarian
(3 hrs/week)
*Mathnasium Tutor for Higher Math topics (10 hrs/week)
*High-End Italian Resturant Hostess (7-9 hrs/week)
*Personal Math Tutor (2 hrs/week)
*Personal Babysitter (timings vary)

*College Course: Tufts University BioSequencing summer course (A-), taking Multivariable Calculus & Linear Algebra at Umass this fall & Spring

*Took the time to do some Edx courses doing so programming
*Continuing some microbiome research online
*Spending a lot more time w/ my friends & family because I’m typically very busy w/ school, sports, & work during the school year (enjoyed quarentine for that reason)
*Helped my mom expand our garden + stitch some masks for our neighborhood

I’m a pretty strong writer & having a professional/tutor edit them

  • talking abt my scoliosis (had to wear a brace for 2+ years)
  • focusing some supplements on how my research experience and how it inspired me to get involved in climate change activism

*Expecting a very good rec from my precalc teacher (had her in 10th grade which was a year ahead of the rest of my class & was very close w/ her + tutored for her & got excellent recs for summer programs from her), and a pretty good rec from my AP english teacher (worked hard & was a strong writer in his class)
*Counselor knows my strong interest in STEM & wrote me previous recs for summer programs; I also have a good relationship w/ her.
*Getting an additional rec from a summer program professor (see above) where I did very well and had a good relationship w/ her
*If I’m trying to run at a school I’m applying to, I might send a letter of rec from my distance track coach (knows I’m a commited hard-worker to the sport)


  • Rotary Youth Leadership Scholar (10th & 11th)
    *AP Scholar w/ Distinction
    *JHU Center for Talented Youth
    *School Awards in Science & Math Deparment + leadership
    *Helped organize a climate change walk-out at my school

Any tips for improving my stats would be appreciated :slight_smile: