Chance of Getting into Cornell

<p>I would like to know what my chances are of getting into Cornell. I'm going to apply to CALS as an environmental engineering major
My GPA(U) is 3.83 GPA(W): 4.03 sat: reading:650 math: 720
My class rank will probably be top 10% out of a class over 400
My ECs:
Student Government (President 2 years), Best Buddies(VP and pres), National Honor Society, French National Honor Society, Green Team, Envirothon, Young Democrats, Sophomore and Senior Class Council and Girl Scouts
By the time I apply to colleges I will have my girl scout gold award
I also am serving as the Student Rep on my county's school board, and have an executive board position in my states student government.</p>

<p>SAT and GPA way too low; ECs are not good enough.</p>

<p>Cornell is high reach, if not out of reach.</p>

<p>SAT is not "way too low". They're still in the middle 50%. And those look like decent EC's.</p>

<p>A 1370 is going to be indicative of a weaker applicant, and if we extrapolate her Writing score, I don't think it will help her case.</p>