Chance of getting into High Point University?

My GPA is a 2.7, I had a really bad freshman year but I really tried hard the next 3 years and that significantly helped me.
Freshman year GPA: 1.8
Sophomore year GPA: 2.9
Junior year GPA: 3.4
Senior year GPA: 3.2

SAT: 1425 (out of 1600)
ACT: 29 (out of 36)

Class Rank: Top Half

Made an error which I seemingly cannot change. SAT is a 1420 instead of 1425. My apologies, I’m new here.

I think your strong test scores and improvement in grades over time clearly illustrates you are on the upward swing and I would think you would get in especially with how high your scores are. Use the opportunity in the application process to explain how you worked hard to overcome a poor start.