Chance of getting into SDSU, UCSB, and UCLA?


<p>I'm going to be a senior this upcoming school year and I'm wondering what my chances are of getting into SDSU, UCSB, and UCLA</p>

<p>I currently have about a 3.6-3.7 unweighted GPA and a weighted GPA of 4.1. However, I do not know if my school's weighting system is the same at SDSU and I know the UC school's have their own weighting system. I have taken a few honors classes but no AP classes. I have received all A's and B's in my classes, never received a C or worse for my final grade. I don't do any extra-curricular stuff besides working, which I've been doing for 4 years. I have taken both the SAT and ACT only once so far, but plan to take them both again. I received an 1150 on the SAT (math/critical reading) and didn't do good on the ACT, which I got a 21 (need to work on managing my time better for this!).</p>

<p>Hopefully I will raise my SAT and ACT scores when I take them again. But for now, what are my chances of getting into SDSU, UCSB, and UCLA.</p>


<p>UCLA and UCSB aren't looking too great. Test scores are a bit low, but if you can get your ACT to a 29-30 or SAT(M/CR) a couple hundred more points, you would look a lot better. Having no AP classes isn't good either. EC's aren't incredibly important because public schools mainly look at grades and test scores.</p>

<p>UCLA- huge reach
UCSB- reach, raise those test scores and you have a good chance</p>

<p>I am sorry, but it doesn't really look that good at all, but as the other person said, prepping a lot would raise your chances substantially.</p>

<p>sorry posted on the wrong board
the low low low gpa and test scores is for my new thread sorry! ignore this.</p>

<p>How about my chances for SDSU?</p>

<p>what was your sat score with writing included?</p>

<p>sdsu- low match i think
if you raise the act to a 27 at least you're in at ucsb</p>

<p>I did terrible on the writing on both tests. My final SAT score was 1640.</p>

<p>However, I did not study for either test so I'm really hoping to improve both scores next time around.</p>

<p>From the SDSU website, here is the 2008 admitted student profile: </p>

<p>"What is the admitted student profile? What is the average high school GPA and SAT/ACT score?</p>

<p>For fall 2008, the average eligibility index of admitted freshmen who met the selective criteria was 4,182 (1,009 if based on ACT). The average high school grade point average was 3.77. The average SAT score was 1,165 on the Math and Critical Reading section; the average ACT composite score was 25. Admitted transfers averaged a 3.20 GPA. The admitted student profiles can vary from year to year depending on the applicant pool for each particular semester.” SDSU</a> Office of Admissions, Frequently Asked Questions</p>

<p>To figure your eligibility index, use this calculator: SDSU</a> Admissions: I Want to Apply Eligibility Index Calculator Using your 3.6 GPA and an SAT of 1150, your eligibility index worked out to 4030 which is fairly close to the average quoted above. (Note: Be sure you have calculated your GPA according to CSU rules: CSUMentor</a> - Plan for College - High School Students - GPA Calculator Only use courses from 10th and 11th grades.)</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Is that GPA weighted or unweighted?</p>

<p>It would be weighted with your AP classes, but not your "honors" courses. (Sorry.)</p>

<p>I just had a thought - if you are interested in a California college, but want to try to avoid the out of state tuition, look into WICHE</a> - Student Exchange Programs . It includes some of the CSUs - Chico for example California</a> State University, Chico - Western Undergraduate Exchange - but not SDSU. It is a tuition exchange program that some western states have to send students to other state's public colleges.</p>

<p>Why wouldn't my honors courses not be included. Is it because i'm out of state? I know this site that you provided me with CSUMentor</a> - Plan for College - High School Students - GPA Calculator says it uses honors courses. Also can you give me a quick rundown on what a-g courses are since i've never heard that term here in NY. Thanks for all your help so far!</p>

<p>P.S. I'm not interested in Chico :(</p>

<p>you're out of state?
the uc's will be a bit harder to get into if you are. work realllyreallly hard on raising your testscores and you'll be fine.</p>

<p>Yeah, it says “AP and Honors,” but then goes on to say “CSU/UC approved honors courses only.” At my high school there were about ten courses designated as “Honors,” and none of them were allowed the extra GPA point. Seriously, none of them. Since you are out of state, you don’t have an approved course list, therefore you have no approved honors courses (I didn’t say it was fair!!!). </p>

<p>Here are the CSU/UC A-G requirements: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Even with out of state tuition, the CSUs are fairly affordable - compared to the $50,000+ privates are charging, anyway. What has made you single out SDSU from the other 22 CSU campuses - do they have a particular program you are interested in?</p>

<p>Well I was looking for a place with a beach and city near by (San Diego has that). I also was looking for a big school student wise (SDSU has over 30,000 students). I also wanted to go to a big sports school and SDSU is much bigger than most of the other CSU's. I'm also a party type of person and we all know SDSU's party reputation. Last but not least, i've heard SDSU is one of the better CSU's.</p>

<p>Also does SDSU use any part of your senior year in your GPA? I will be taking 2 AP classes next year.</p>

<p>Ahhhh, I see - now your list makes perfect sense! Hmmmm.... you might add CPSUSLO (also known as Cal Poly, San Luis Obisbo - only about 20,000 students, but beach and party for sure) and CSU Long Beach (Big, party and beach - don't know about sports). Good luck!</p>

<p>Damn if your SAT score was improved and you had some extra curriculars, I think you would have been able to get into both of those colleges.</p>

<p>Actually, as far as I know, the CSUs - at least the ones I am familiar with - don't generally consider extracurricluars. From the SDSU website:</p>

"What does SDSU look for in making freshman admissions decisions? Does SDSU consider extra-curricular activities, letters of recommendation or personal statements?</p>

<p>"Freshman applicants are ranked using an eligibility index which is based on a combination of the grade point average and scores on either the College Board's Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or the ACT. SDSU does not accept letters of recommendation or a personal statement during the undergraduate application process." SDSU</a> Office of Admissions, Frequently Asked Questions</p>

<p>Basically, they take all eligible students (those who have all the A-G requirements and have completed their testing), plug their GPA and test scores into the eligiblity calculator and rank them. Then they start at the top and admit as many as they have room for. That's about it.</p>

<p>No, your senior year grades won't be used in the calculation. Sorry! (I still think you will be fine.)</p>

<p>Yea, I really plan on raising those test scores up too. My problem is time management. I didn't prepare at all for both tests, so if I work on managing my time I'm really hoping to get at least a 1250 on the SAT for math/critical reading. Maybe even a 1300. The ACT I had a lot of trouble with time. I saw myself having to just guess on a lot of the last questions for each section.</p>

<p>Does anyone know if SDSU dislikes taking the SAT's too much. I know the UC's don't care at all at how many times you take the SAT so I was going to take it 3 times. What's everyone's thought on that?</p>

<p>I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed in this thread so far!</p>

<p>okay so basically im kinda freaking outtt ... i was wondering if anyone had any insight of what my chances are for getting into sdsu?
i have a gpa of 3.7 and act of 24. i would really appreciate some advice :)</p>