Chance of getting into UF?

<p>WEighted GPA: 4.8
Unweighted: 3.8
Have taken 5 AP's so far and will be taking another 4 in my senior year. (I am a junior right now)
SAT: (710-math, 670-Reading, and 700 Writing) 2080 total.
EC's: Mu alpha theta, NHS, and varsity basketball along with like 350 community service hours.
Rank: 30 something out of 730.
Ethnicity: white
gender: male
And I live in Florida so Id be an instate applicant. </p>

<p>Thanks, please let me know if i have chance for UF.</p>

<p>Your are in! With a good essay you should be admitted however remember that an admission is not guaranteed and you should keep those senior grades uuuupppp! for the senioritis vaccine contact FDA!</p>

<p>thanks for the response, yea I am starting to feel the senioritis kicking in (Im going to have to combat it).</p>

<p>would love to hear other opinions.</p>

<p>Your UF Weighted gpa is not 4.8 so you might want to recalculate that. But either way you have a good shot at being accepted.</p>

<p>Yep, thats my gpa at my highschool. Not sure how to get my UF gpa though.</p>

<p>I think you're in, bud. 2080 is enough for the honors college, too. Great work! Hope to see you in Gator Nation! :)</p>

<p>Thanks, what exactly is the honors college? and whats the difference between that and the regular?</p>

<p>The honors college is a two-year program where they kind of "help you out" by you having priority choice in courses and that kind of thing; smaller classes etc. are available to you as an honors student as well. You also get the opportunity to room in Hume which is a newer building, better facilities, what have you. When I visited I felt there were just far, far too many anime posters hanging about in the rooms I passed by. Who knows. Just wasn't for me.
After you hit your 3000-level courses (junior level) you begin to get mixed in with the general UF undergrad population. This is why I wasn't too keen on applying for lateral admission. The honors program seemed a bit moot.
Plus, it is different than * honors in the major * which general education students have a chance at achieving (with a thesis and all of that).</p>

<p>honors is moot, and while you might be invited to apply, its unlikely you'd actually get accepted. many people with higher gpa's and higher sat were not admitted even after going to the honors preview.</p>

<p>but you'll definitely be accepted.</p>

<p>Well I would still apply. I got accepted into honors with a 2070 exactly.</p>

<p>^Ok thanks, I definitely will apply even if the chances are slim. I'd like to of course be accepted to UF to begin with :)</p>

<p>for their version of your GPA, you can take your grades through the end of your junior year and calculate the GPA like normal (4=A, 3=B, etc.), except for your core classes only (history, math, science, english), add 1 point if it's IB/AP and 1/2 point if it's pre-IB or honors. If you had any AP/IB electives (art history, etc.) i'm pretty sure those are weighted too.</p>

<p>or, after you apply and forward them your transcript, you can call/email admissions and they can tell you.</p>

<p>it looks to me like you're in though.</p>