chance of increase?

<p>Ok....I first took the SAT I in may and ended up with a 1290 (m-650, v-640). Then i took it again in october and got a 1380 (m-680, v-700) with about 10 days or so of reviewing. These are pretty good scores for me, but i was wondering if a december retake would be a good idea where i would have about a month or so to review? Would any extra review out of a couple of kaplan books be signifigant?</p>

<p>if you take it seriously there is always a possibility of going up, but you could go down.. your call. but i would study my ass off and retake! =)</p>

<p>well i haven't been too good with studying either time. So i figure if i went up 90 points with very little preparation I could at least go up another 50 with a bonafide effort put in.</p>

<p>Yes, you can go up. I highly recommend going through all 10 of the 10 real SATs. You will be set then.</p>