Chance of invite to the fellows weekend?

Does anyone know how hard it is to get invited to the weekend? What happens at it? If not selected, any additional merit awarded? Just looking for the stats/type of students who get invited and selected. Thanks much!

Probably depends upon the specific program in terms of number of invites and how hard it is. During the weekend, kids are interviewed (professor and student), take a “class” and write an essay, have a meet and greet, and lots of informational meetings. Parents also have a meet and greet and have a chance to meet professors, program directors, etc. I would caution students (and parents) to not over-focus on stats. If stats are low, that could be a problem. BUT, high stats mean very little by the time it comes to the weekend. They are looking for a good match and really want students who WANT the program (not just the money). Yes, additional merit. Most fellows are around $7000, honors is twice as much. Hope that helps!

Super helpful! Thanks. She applied for business and honors. Hope her stats and essay at least give her a shot to get back to campus for that weekend. Loved it when toured but no merit. So while very interested in the program, the money would also be a factor in ultimately attending!

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Has your daughter heard anything about interview weekend yet? I think they said by Feb. 1