Chance of me getting into the Macaulay Honors at CCNY?

Hi everybody, I am a senior at a prestigious private Catholic high school in Orlando, Florida. I applied to CCNY through the Macaulay Honors program and I am REALLY nervous about getting in there. It is my number one school tied with Immaculata U(I already got into there and its honors program). My stats greatly surpass that of CCNY’s standard, but I really could use the connections, money, and housing I could get from Macaulay. I also am a top baseball prospect and would be on the team for either schools. I have been in frequent contact with the coach, zoom meetings with parents, text, calls, etc. and I LOVE what I hear. I plan to major in Business Management or Econ bc i have fallen in love with my econ course this year and obsess over everything finance now. Seeing that most applicants for Macaulay are engineering and pre med, I figured being a business major would up my chances( I dream of going on to wall street, maybe IB, PE or hedge). My stats are below:
1360(1370 superscore) SAT
Unweighted 3.6
Weighted 3.99( My school AP is worth 5, our valedictorian has a 4.52 for comparison)
6 APs(3this year)
104 service hours(baseball church and special needs related)
My two essays were pretty good i think, i rocked the first one about adversity and i think i did alright with the second speaking on modern political situations and how it relates to the business world

Any reassurance or criticism is appreciated, Thanks!

P.S. we dont have class ranks

Did you get an email about interviews for Macaulay? Apparently there were so many qualified applicants this year that they are sending emails requesting candidates to have a ZOOM interview before deciding who gets in.

Have you heard anything about financial aid or merit?

Also, did you get an acceptance packet in the mail from CUNY? Only received acceptance at CUNY via the portal here.

I’ve heard that only Macaulay at Hunter interviews candidates. My daughter had an interview last week.

You definitely sound qualified to get in. But just remember that they only take approximately 500 students and they usually have over 6,000 apply in normal years so it’s super competitive. I’m sure even more have applied because of COVID times. Good luck! They said Hunter’s Macaulay decisions will be out March 22.