Chance of rescinded acceptance?

I’m a recent grad and I was accepted to the University of Pittsburgh. I’ve had all A’s and B’s in college prep classes (all my school offered) all throughout high school, except for one C in BC Calc 2. My mental health and family situation took a turn for the worse this last semester and coupled with an extra accelerated college course I took on and a hard course load I got all A’s and B+'s, but I failed one class because of a late essay with a D. It’s not a case of senioritis, but I’m scared my acceptance will be rescinded? Should I contact Pitt and try to explain my grades?

How did you feel if one essay got a D?

You are likely fine but if concerned contact Pitt after you submit your final transcript. You may need to repeat the class.

It will all be ok. You will be fine no matter what happens. So try not to stress.

I’d call for simple reason that if you don’t handle stress well, it’s better to know, even if you don’t like the answer than to sit in limbo.

You will be fine either way but I’m sure you’ll be a panther in two months

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