Chance of University of Florida

So I am an IB Senior applying to college right now and I want to know my chances of getting into the University of Florida. I am in state so I know that slightly improves my chances

UW gpa: 3.11
w: 4.4 on a scale of 6 (ib/ap classes being weighed 6, honors 5, and standard 4)

I’ve taken 9 IB classes(ib diploma program), 6 APs, and the rest were honors, with 4 standard classes

my sat score is a 1240

My extracurriculars are fairly strong, I started my own political club, have a leadership position in another leadership club, and have a political internship, and I started my own small business, making $5,000 in the first three months

I’m highlighting that my extracurriculars center around the theme of politics.

I also have leadership positions in 2 other community service clubs.

My grades before senior year were low, but the first quarter i got all A’s which i think shows growth. Will they consider it?

You should probably post this in the University of Florida CC thread, as it’s currently in Boston U’s.

The UF Class Profile can provide some context for what stats they expect: