Chance OOS

<p>I recently applied to UConn (january 15) and was just wondering what you guys think my chances are (I'd really appreciate it).</p>

<p>Gender: Male
Race: White
SAT: 680 Math, 690 Reading, 560 writting, 1930 combined
GPA: 3.45 UW
Course Rigor: All classes I have taken have been Honors or College courses
School: Magnet Science School Accredited by Middle States
ECs: 350+ Volunteering hours with a local Hospital
100+ hours of volunteering with my local church
80 hours+ doing bone marrow drives for DKMS
Youth group Leader for my local Perish
Spanish Club for three years
Math Team for two years
Human Rights club for two years<br>
Job experience:
Worked at Six Flags over the Summer
Worked at Costco during school working 25 hours+ a week while maintaining my grades
Perfect Attendence for two years
Honor roll for three years (so far)
Saint Timithy Award(one of the highest honors the state diocese can award astudent)
Scuba PADI License
(Will be attaining my first aid and CPR certifcation soon)
Essay: I feel that the essay I wrote was really strong</p>

<p>Uhh, I think that is everything! And I was also wondering when I should expect a decision since Uconn works on a rolling admission basis. Thanks!</p>

<p>Sunmann, I was told that they use 3 criteria: GPA =3.5 or higher; SAT combined score for CR and Math = 1200 or higher; and Class Rank = Top 25%. Honestly, I question whether they even look at Extracurriculars, etc. Seems with the record number of applicants and the fact that they are SO far behind, raw scores are what will get you admitted. I know they are still plowing through Early Action applications, and hope to be done by mid-Feb before they even get to anyone who applied after Dec. 1st. Could be a long wait. Crazy. By the way, it is a new Admissions Director who is doing things differently than ever before.</p>

<p>So are you saying that I need one of the three? or all three to get admitted? And I guess it will be a while before that decision comes in then, thanks for replying though!</p>

<p>i think you'll get in!!
people with much lower SAT scores have gotten in....
goodluck :)</p>

<p>Hi Sunmann,
I was told they look at all 3 components and that if you have all 3, then there is a better chance of getting admitted. My daughter was just rejected. She had 2 out of the 3; 3.72 GPA, top 25%, but 1160 on her SAT's (40 pts. short of the required 1200). She is a 3 sport athlete, Student Council president, lots of APs and extracurriculars. Still cannot believe it. Can't figure out what kind of kid they want, if not her. I wish you the best of luck!</p>

<p>Im sorry to hear that JLL2322. But I am curious, when did your daughter apply? Did she apply for early decision/action?</p>

<p>Hi Sunmann, She applied Early Action on October 27th. I neglected to say that she applied to the School of Nursing, which is very competitive. Still, the 3 gaiting items I mentioned hold true for general admissions (3.5, 1200 SAT, top 25% of class). Your credentials seem great, and if applying for ACES (general), I think you have an excellent shot. Good luck!</p>

<p>I think you have a 90% chance to get in. If you applied earlier then you would have a 100% chance to get in. I had a 3.36 GPA and 1940 SAT with all the regular EC's you see from high school students. Nothing really stood out for me. Applied in October, got a letter in Feb. Last year UConn got a record high number of applicants and they even waitlisted one of my friends who had better grades than me! But, she applied later so that's why...</p>

<p>Yea, so I have a feeling that this year UConn is going to be more rigid in their selection.</p>