Chance (or lack thereof) @ JHU, Duke, UPenn, etc


<p>Eth: Asian
Sex: Male
State: NJ
Grade: 11
Major: Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Biology; possibly economics
School: Very Competitive (Last year 3 to Princeton, this year 3 to MIT)
Courseload: Counselor will indicate "most rigorous" on app.</p>

<p>Estimated Frosh/Soph/Junior GPA: </p>

<li>UW - 3.85; W - 4.19</li>

<p>Estimated Soph/Junior GPA:</p>

<li>UW - 3.89; W - 4.33</li>


<p>School doesn't rank, probably top 5% of class of 700; I believe grade deflation in classes accounts for my low GPA yielding a decent rank (which is a trend I've noticed in previous graduating classes).</p>

<p>AP's (Total of 11):</p>

<li>Physics B (4)</li>
<li>Chemistry (Taking, Probably 5)</li>
<li>Calculus BC (Taking, Probably 5)</li>
<li>English Language and Composition (Taking, Maybe 4-5)</li>
<li>Computer Science A (Taking, Maybe 4-5)</li>
<li>Biology (next year)</li>
<li>Art History (next year, required aka being forced into it)</li>
<li>Economics (next year)</li>
<li>Statistics (next year)</li>
<li>English Literature (next year)</li>
<li>Computer Science AB (next year)</li>


<p>PSAT: 226
SAT: M - 800; CR - 740; W - 800; T - 2340 (1540)
SAT IIs: Taking: Chem (Expecting Solid 800), Math II (Prolly 800), and possibly Bio (Looking at 700-750) and/or Lit (680-720 since it's mad hard)</p>

Counselor - Awesome: I had an interview with her and she had some flattering comments about my personality.
Teachers - One good from Eng more about personality (not the highest eng grade in class unfortunately, running a low A- = tough teacher). One hopefully awesome rec from AP Chem teacher.
Supplemental - Either another teacher very familiar with me or JSA advisor (who is very fond of me). Also prof from Rutgers who was my research mentor (which should be awesome).</p>


<p>NJ Science League
- Partipant 10th-11th
- Competitive Testing in Chem I
- Qualifying Test followed by Regional Test each month from Jan. - Apr.
- Qualified last year in Chem I, but not in Chem II this year </p>

<p>NJ Chemistry Olympics
- Competition in chemistry entered in year of AP Chem (11th)
- Club meets every week from Jan. to competition day in May
- Two-person group writing research paper on chemical process</p>

<p>Medical Careers Club
- Member 10th - 11th
- Reasonably involved; gonna run for officer</p>

<p>Science Competitor's Club
- Member 10th - 11th
- Officer 11th
- Random science competitions; not much in terms of results.</p>

<p>Junior Statesmen of America
- Member 9th - 11th
- Club Officer 11th (I write our weekly resolutions, occasionally moderate debates, and speak frequently)
- New Jersey Region Cabinet Member 11th (write debates on state level for regional conventions)
- Significant involvement in politics/oratory = my other passion besides science. </p>

<p>March of Dimes
- Member 10th - 11th
- Volunteer hours and fundraising
- Tedious but rewarding process = soliciting funds; selling tickets; organizing large-scale cultural show. </p>

<p>Genetics Research
- Summer of 2007; going back 2008
- 8 hrs/day, 5 days/wk for ~6-8 wks
- Research conducted with drosophila melanogaster; focused on determining the use of RNAi in restricting cancerous overgrowth caused by genetic mutations.
- Personally, this is my favorite activity; I'm in love with research and that's part of the reason I'm considering medicine.</p>

- 5 yrs
- Not incredibly proficient</p>

<p>Community Service
- ~ 300 hrs
- Local hospital, senior center, and March of Dimes</p>

<p>Rec Tennis
- 8 yrs
- 3 hrs on Saturdays
- Summer camp in summer of 2006 and 2005 at local club
- Non-competitive hobby (i.e. school team too insane to make)</p>

<p>Honors, Recognitions, Awards, Programs (Kinda weak right now):</p>

<p>Robert Wood Johnson Mini-Medical Program
- Will participate in a several week long program at RWJ Medical School consisting of seminars to talk w/ doctors, etc.
- Semi-Competitive application process (~20% acceptance)</p>

<p>NJ Science League
- Recognition in 10th grade for regional competition
- Didn't qualify for regionals 11th in Chem II; only 4 out of 30-40 students make it and only the best of the best try out. I didn't have time to study mostly b/c of English HW; and, though that's not a reasonable excuse...that's my excuse...</p>

<p>National Latin Exam
- Silver Medal in 9th; Gold Medal in 10th; test for 11th in the process of being graded</p>

<p>Commendation from Governor/NJ State Legislature
- For our chapter setting up a March of Dimes fundraiser that raised thousands of $'s.</p>

<p>JSA Best Speaker Awards
- Several in recognition of debate performance.</p>

<p>National Honors Society/National Latin Honors Society
- 11th </p>

<p>Predicted National Merit Semifinalist
- PSAT: 226</p>

- Other Competitions Planned/Participating: Chemistry Olympics, Siemen's Westinghouse/Intel (with additional research conducted over next summer)</p>

<p>Chances For:</p>

<li>JHU (ED and RD)</li>
<li>Duke (ED and RD)</li>
<li>Cornell (ED and RD)</li>
<li>UPenn (ED and RD)</li>
<li>Rutgers (I'll probably get full ride w/ SAT; just listing this one so I don't get flamed for not having a safety)</li>

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<p>You have a decent shot at several of those. Duke, UPenn, JHU, and Cornell are obviously the tough ones, but you may get one or two of them. Grades/SATs probably won't hold you back from any of those (except maybe UPenn which likes to take only the top students from high schools).</p>

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