CHANCE please? Decisions are coming in a month and I'm nervous

*] SAT I (breakdown): 2140
[ *] ACT: none
[ *] SAT II:780 Math 2 760 Chem
[ *] Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.93 ( BC Got my only bplus in HS in AP lang comp last year ) A pluses in every math class ive ever taken and apluses in every science class ive ever taken in HS. all As in the rest as well. W: 5.5
[ *] Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): top 2.4 percent of class
[ *] AP (place score in parenthesis): Us History 5
[ *] IB (place score in parenthesis):
[ *] Senior Year Course Load: Ap Chem. Ap statistics, Ap calculus AB, AP Physics 1, English 4-1, Microeconomics.

Mid year senior grades: AP chem- A+, AP stats- A+ ,AP Calculus- A+, AP Physics- A+, English 4-1 A+. Gym A+
… A Plus in every single class bc i was worried about the b plus in AP lang

[ ] Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): National achievement scholarship finalist, National Spanish honor society
[ /list][ b]Subjective:
[ *] Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): 2 years of track( have asthma so made sure to state that), Red Cross club (co-chair), avid program (tutor), Young life club( founding member), National Spanish honor society, Robotics club (design team), greenhouse club ( take care of lizards, snakes, and turtles)
[ *] Job/Work Experience:none
[ *] Volunteer/Community service: Student council volunteer( soup kitchens etc)
[ *] Summer Activities:
[ *] Essays: 9-10/10 - I wrote about writing my first ever book/short story and how the process of writing is empowering for me.
[ *] Teacher Recommendation: 10/10
[ *] Counselor Rec:10/10
[ ] Additional Rec:
[ ] Interview:good
[ /list][ b]Other

[ *] State (if domestic applicant): NJ
[ *] Country (if international applicant):
[ *] School Type:Public
[ *] Ethnicity: Black
[ *] Gender: M
[ ]Income Bracket: 120-150K
[ ] Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): URM, National achievement finalist (only 1300 in country), sister is PHD grad student at Johns hopkins
[ b]Reflection

[ *] Strengths: GPA, Essay, good Extracurricular, I’m applying for engineering so my love for writing shows more dimensions of my personality, minority in Engineering, Legacy
[ *] Weaknesses: SAT score and could use more ECs

I think you’re good, man. The only hindrance may be if you’re applying to BME because of the lower application rate, but I really think that you’re a strong candidate who has the coursework and ECs (and Hopkins cares more about the grades than the ECs, I think, especially for engineering) to show that you’ll be a successful engineering student.

Really? does the Sister thing also help? and nope no BME im applying CME

I don’t know how much legacy is weighted, but I think your stats speak for themselves. And by CME do you mean Civil, Computer, or Chemical/Biomolecular Engineering? It doesn’t matter for whether or not you’ll get in, but we say Civ-E, ECE, and Chem-B-E here at Hopkins, lol :wink:

Chemical/Biomolecular Engineering, lol. you are a hopkins student?

@jacobson123 Yup!

I gotta likely letter from duke!

if I get into Hopkins too ill have some major choices to make:p