chance please! dying to know!

<p>i have a 3.6/7 gpa my SAT scores are a little low, due to trying to adjust to a new school and having to catch up in my regents testing... </p>

<p>CR: 480 Math: 550 Writing: 420 </p>

<p>Captain of volleyball team. Apart of student council. Moved from MA to NY summer before my junior year. Been working two jobs since then. Volunteered at a day care center. </p>

<p>Chance me for: SUNY Albany SUNY Buffalo SUNY Cortland SUNY Stony Brook SUNY Oneonta & University of New Haven please!</p>

<p>That SAT is gonna hurt...</p>

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<p>At this point, they will probably all be slight reaches due to the SAT score except for SUNY Cortland and SUNY Oneonta. However, The SAT won't hurt you too terribly if you write good essays and have good ECs (which you do, being captain of the volleyball team). </p>

<p>Also, what's your desired major? That could impact your decision at the SUNY's. </p>

<p>If you're a junior (I'm assuming so,right?) then why not take the SATs a second time and see how you do? I'd say go for it. Your GPA is strong, and raising your SAT score could seal the deal at most, if not all, of these schools.</p>

<p>Good luck! :)</p>

<p>noo i am a senior nervously waiting to hear back.. i couldnt retake the more than twice because money is an issue. i plan on being a pre med student with a psychology major</p>

<p>My mistake! I forgot to look at your username, lol :). In that case, still don't worry. You are not terribly out of bounds for any of them...and your sports/ECs/strong GPA can (possibly) make them overlook your SAT. How are your essays?</p>

<p>SUNY Stony Brook has a renowned psychology program, by the way.</p>

<p>my college essays? i think that thy are pretty good. i talked about my move from ma to ny</p>