Chance please for Priority BHP?

<p>I attend The Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS) which is basically spending the junior and senior year at UNT and only taking college courses. It is an unranked high school program.</p>


<p>SAT I (one setting): CR 650 M 780 W 720 (2150)</p>

<p>SAT II - Math II - 780 Chinese with Listening - 780</p>

<p>GPA - 3.945 (out of 4.0) I got an A in everything except Bio Lab. </p>

<p>Fall semester 2010 - 16 credits
Spring semester 2011 - 20 credits
Summer 2011 - 1 credit</p>

Calculus II
Multivariable Calculus III</p>

<p>Honors and Awards:</p>

<p>Recipient of TAMS Summer Research Scholarship<br>
Future Business Leaders of America
• 2nd Place District - Economics
• Qualified for State FBLA
Texas Economics Challenge<br>
• Qualified for State competition in Austin
FMTA Piano Competition
• 2nd Place, Recital in UTA
School Awards
• Best Calculus I Student
• UNT Dean’s List
National Honor Society</p>

<p>Over 200 + hours of volunteer, mainly at church </p>

<p>Significant ECs: </p>

<p>President of TAMS Business Organization (founder of DECA chapter, organized competitions, organized distinguished speakers to come to UNT)
VP of Mandarin Chinese School StuCo (organized events)
Other various clubs that I didn't hold a leadership position for</p>

<p>Work experience: </p>

<p>10 months working under a TA in the Chemistry lab at UNT, 6 hours a week, basically my entire junior year
Summer researcher at UNT, 40 hours a week, M-F, 10 weeks</p>

<p>BHP Recommendation: Good, but not stellar</p>

<p>Essays: Solid and good, but I don't think they stand out</p>

<p>What are my chances? I applied for the priority decision which comes out in December</p>

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