Chance? Please Help :]

<p>GPA: UW- 3.57(we dont weigh gpas at our school)
SAT I: 2160 Reading:680 Math:800 Writing: 680
SAT II: US history: 680 Chinese with listening: 790 Math II: 760 </p>

<p>Activities: Cross country for two years, Indoor track for two years, Outdoor track for one year, ping pong club, batminton club, marching band/drumline(4years), </p>

<p>Outside of school: volunteered at a hospital for two years, tennis team, basketball team, sketching lessons</p>

<p>Colleges that im interested: NYU, Carnegie Mellon, Penn State, UPitt, Georgia tech, Upenn, Vandy, University of Michigan, Davidson</p>

<p>Please post your responses, it would really be helpful to me. Thank you all!</p>

<p>Georgia Tech-match
NYU-low reach
Carnegie Mellon-low reach
Penn State-low match
UPitt-not really sure how competitive they are
Upenn-higher reach
Vandy-high match/low reach
UMich-high match
Davidson-mid reach</p>

<p>If your GPA was higher, you might have better chances. Just work on increasing the W and CR portions of your SAT and take the ACT. Find more passions in your EC's as well.</p>