<p>Intended Major: Chemistry</p>

<p>Grades and Tests:
ACT: 31W 31M 29R 30S (30SS)(29C)
SAT I- 1920-M630,W640,R650
SAT II- 710 MathI and 720 Chemistry
GPA- 4.385 weighted
Class Rank- top 10%
Most classes (6 out of 7 each year) were either AP if offered or Honors)</p>

<p>Senior Schedule
AP Calculus AB
AP Environmental Science
AP Government
AP Physics B
International Business
Honors English</p>

<p>My current senior grades are straight A's. My junior grades were straight A's as well and showed an upward trend from sophomore and freshman year.</p>

Captain Varsity Cross Country (4 years, 1st team All Section)
Captain Varsity Tennis (4 years, 2nd Doubles)
Treasurer of Key Club
National Honor Society
600+ hours volunteer/community service at local church.
Pilgrimage to Canada With the handicapped
President of Our schools "green team"
Youth Group
Club Volleyball 3 years
Varsity indoor track 3 years</p>

<p>I hope you had an interview. That would give you a chance to talk about your turnaround. Getting straight A's in your junior and senior year is evidence of a major change in study habits. Your ACT composite score is the midpoint for current Wesleyan frosh. It's impossible for me to hazard a guess on this, as they look at your whole application, certainly not just stats.</p>

<p>Oh and my essay was about how around sophomore year, I figured out I was gay and how it motivated me to strive for perfection in everything else. Thanks so much for responding!</p>