chance please- is it worth applying>?

<p>competitive public school</p>

<p>Chance me for:
University of Maryland, College Park [smith school of business]
Binghamton [school of management]
Baruch [scholars program]
Rutgers [Honors]
University of Chicago</p>

<h2>Cornell (how much of a reach?)</h2>

<p>GPA: 90 unweighted. (3.6ish, i think)</p>

<p>courseload: honors english and history throughout highschool, honors science fresh, soph year. never took honors math. never took ap's until senior year (although not many ap's are offered at my school). </p>

<p>senior yr: 2 APs. history, physch (or econ) and abunch of electives. </p>

<p>significant upward trend gng from A's, B's, and even two C's in freshman year to Alot of A's and some B's in soph year to nearly all A's in junior year. </p>


<p>690CR, 680M, 800W</p>


<p>EC's (one of my biggest hooks) great(model gvrmnt, various publications,debate,political action team, business club, etc.) with lots of leaderhship
and did internship, held a job, ran some fundraisers, etc.</p>

<h2>essays:very good. </h2>

<p>i appreciate any chances. thanks alot! please label, saftey, target, reach, low-reach, etc...</p>


<p>Emory- high match, decent chance
Carnegie-Mellon- high match
University of Maryland, College Park [smith school of business]- no experience sorryyy
Binghamton [school of management]- n/a
Baruch [scholars program]- n/a
Rutgers [Honors]- n/a
Brandeis- n/a
NYU- mid match
University of Chicago- very very very high reach
Cornell (how much of a reach?)- as high of a reach as uchicago is</p>

<p>i recommend taking the SAT again, if you raise your scores you'll have a better chance. gl! :)</p>

<p>Here's just some comparisons...</p>

<p>Emory- I had similar stats and really strong EC's as you, and I got waitlisted, and then accepted into the transfer program. </p>

<p>NYU- My friend had a 32 for his ACT with good AP scores, excellent extra curriculars, and a 3.9 GPA. He got accepted into NYU, but he also attended their summer film program. </p>

<p>I agree with skittles, raise your SAT's and you'll have a better chance. Best of luck!!!</p>

<p>match if you're going ED, reach if RD</p>