chance please! so much appreciated

<p>Could you chance me for Middlebury? Thank you!</p>

Rising Senior
Small Private School

GPA so far: 3.83 U/4.1 W
PSAT: 226
AP Scores so far (keep in mind I haven't gotten them back for jr. year): 5 in AP English Language</p>

AP Classes: English Lit, European History, Chemistry
next year: Biology, Calculus, French, US History
Awards: Freshman- top student in French and Adv. English II
Sophomore: Writing award for History
Junior: Smith College Book Award for English
Math Team: Sophomore year, 6th place regionally. Junior year, 9th place regionally</p>

9th, 10th grade: speech team (cont'd from middle school)
9th grade: Varsity Track and Varsity Cross Country, MV Field Award for Track
10th grade: Varsity FH
Theatre: Since 5th grade. Started after school conservatory as a sophomore- Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-6 and 6, 7 plays by graduation. Intensive program at Carnegie Mellon this summer
Senior Project: directing the school play (our previous director left the school and we can't afford to hire a new one)
Weekly Voice Lessons- I'll submit a tape as a supplement
Creative Writing: accepted to Governor's School for Arts summer after sophomore year, took Creative Writing class, an assistant editor for the literary magazine junior and senior year. Will submit writing supplement.</p>

I've been a year advanced in English all through high school.
I write very strong essays (I know everyone says that, but I promise I do)</p>

<p>Potential Gap Year with Americorps</p>

<p>Thank you! Please post a link if you'd like me to chance back</p>

<p>I think you should have an excellent chance. If you are willing to consider taking a half a year off instead of a whole you could think about indicating that you are very interested in coming as a Feb......</p>

<p>You have extremely high chances in my opinion. If you want to take a gap you can consider requesting to be a Feb so you only miss one semester.</p>

<p>I don't think you need to ask to be a Feb. You look great on paper, and whatever you decide about Americorps, you have a strong application</p>