Chance, please!

<p>Asian Male
U.S. Citizen
Parochial high school</p>

<p>GPA: 3.4 UW (School is pretty competitive); Weighted: School won’t release until end of semester (for some reason)
Grades have steadily improved over the course of attending high school</p>

<p>Senior course load:
AP Macro/Micro Economics
AP U.S. Gov.
AP Psychology
Honors Calculus
Honors English IV
World Religions (required)
School does not rank</p>

<p>SAT: 670 CR, 660 Math, 620 Writing, Grand Total of 1950 or 1330 for CR+M</p>

<p>ACT + Writing: Pending</p>

<p>Self Studied for 3 APs junior year: AP World – 5, AP Euro – 5, AP Comp. Gov – 4</p>

Concert Band: 10-12
Jazz Band: 10-12
Guitar Club: Founder, 11-12
Guitar, clarinet and piano for many years. Tenor Saxophone, baritone Saxophone 10-12
NSHSS: 10-12 (Stupid, I know)
Rowing/Crew: 9 (JV), 11(Varsity), 12 (Varsity)
Model U.N: 11-12
Podcasting: 11-12
Blogging (like real writing, not that tumblr b.s.): 12
Chess Club: 12
Robotics Club: 12
Over 100 hours of volunteer work
(Feel like I’ve forgotten something…)</p>

<p>Awards: Just AP Scholar Award </p>

<p>Planning on majoring in either Poli Sci, History, or International Relations for B.A.
Planning on getting a MA in International Relations, then following that up by joining the Peace Corps. Then I hope to move on and work for a government organization.</p>

<p>Thanks for helping!</p>

<p>P.S. Any information about possible merit aid amount would also be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Solid chance for admission if you show strong interest. Maybe 2-1 for admission, I would say. Almost no chance for merit aid I don't think, though. Slight chance for the Academic Achievement Award, if anything ($17,000). They used to have a lower award, but not sure they are still doing that.</p>