chance please?

<p>Hey guys! I was wondering if you could take the time to give me an estimate of my chances! Appling as an Engineer major.
California Resident
Grades: 3.9 UW, 4.41W 4.21 UC GPA
Rank: top 3%
ACT: 31 Composite, 34 English, 33 Math, 29 Reading, 29 Science.
SAT: 2100. 620R, 720 M, 760 W.
SAT Subjects: Math 750, Mandarin 770, PHysics 650 (LOL).
Course Rigor: Taken almost every AP class offered in high school, except BIo, Chem, History, and Literature. Have 2 APs senior year, AP physics C and Ap Calc BC. got 4's on all previous AP's.
Outstanding Student: One given to class per gender, an outstanding student based on every aspect.
Outstanding Athlete: One given to class per gender, an outstanding athlete overall.
Questbridge Finalist
Scholar Athlete
National Honor Society Vice President
Played piano for over 12 years and passed 3 different schools of Piano. (ABRSM, JSAC, CM), all at highest levels.
California Scholarship Federation(CSF).
4 Year varsity Track, 3 year Track captain. Only Asian in the top 50 state ranks for 110m High Hurdles.
Tzu Chi Chinese volunteering organization.
Essays: Decent, but could be improved.
Community Service.
Tzu Chi Chinese volunteering organization.- at least 80+ Hours
Interact: 50+ Hours
NHS: 8+ Hours
Helping people around town build their computers, troubleshoot them, etc. Named "Handyman" as I tend to go around asking people if they need help with anything.
Ethnicity: Asian (Taiwanese).
Income Bracket : <25k</p>

<p>kinda doubtful x_x</p>