Chance, Please?

3.82 GPA (W)</p>

AP Physics (2..) BC
AP European History (3) AA
AP English Lang. (4) BB</p>

<p>In Progress:
AP Biology
AP Statistics
AP Gov/Politics
English103 (Dual Enrollment)</p>

Tennis, JV (10-11)
CSF, (10-12)
Newspaper Editor-in-Chief (12)
Newspaper Editor (11)
Newspaper (10)</p>

<p>Volunteer hours:
40 total for library, band</p>



<p>Not enough info for me, what's the uw GPA and SAT/ACT scores? ECs are okay, but I'd think the newspaper roles would all be listed as one EC.</p>

<p>What about SAT score?
You GPA is okey</p>

<p>SAT scores:
High- 1940
Superscore- 2040</p>

<p>12/3/11 (R,M,W):
680, 660, 600</p>

<p>11/3/11 (R,M,W):
590, 560, 700</p>

<p>As far as my UW GPA, I don't know how to calculate it. But if it's anything like the UC GPA (A=5, B=4, etc.. with Honors=+1), I suppose it'd be a 3.77.</p>

<p>Does being an out-of-state applicant do anything to my chances? I know typically universities prefer to support in-state applicants.. however, I've also heard rumours that UW wants money and has been taking in more out-of-state applicants ("outraging" Washington citizens.. according to my family in Washington).</p>

<p>Thanks for the help. :)</p>

<p>If you were in state I would say you have a great chance of being accepted. But being OOS, there will probably be more competition with some stronger applicants than you GPA/SAT wise. How were your essays?</p>

<p>I felt a little disconnected when writing the essays, since they were about ME and not some social issue (my "specialty," LOL). That being said, I don't think they're anything particularly unique. </p>

<p>My personal statement is about how the world my family comes from (refugees from the Viet. war) has influenced my life and passions, which is typical for an Asian I suppose. </p>

<p>-What would be a good PS? Writing about the scarcity of water, like my cousin?</p>

<p>My short response talked about how being part of journalism has opened my eyes, and taught me how to share the world to the world (not verbatim). Somehow I tied that to contributing to UW's diverse cultures..</p>

<p>For the optional additional comments I talked about something silly. It got quite poetic. Aviation.. totally non-academic, showed a different side of me I suppose. It was very "Berkeley."</p>

<p>Thanks for all the help.</p>

<p>Your essays seem fine. Don't ever feel forced to write about something that you aren't passionate about or have a large background in.</p>