Chance please :)

<p>Hi everyone, I believe I have Finished researching schools and have decided which ones I will apply to. Anyway, Iplan to apply to Yale as my ultimate reach. So, I would just like to know what you guys think my chances are. Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>SAT I: 2200
SAT II: Chemistry (expecting 770)
USH (expecting 720, retaking)
Physics (not a good day for me...)
Math II (taking it in June, expecting 750+)
ACT: 34
GPA: 3.98 UW 5.12 W
Rank: 12/517 (my school is very competitive)</p>

Geometry H
English 1 H
Bio H
French 2
Debate intro
AP Enviro (5)</p>

Alg 2 H
Chem H
English 2 H
AP Human Geo (5)
French 3 H
AP Psych (5)
AP World (5)</p>

AP Lang
AP Chem
Pre Calc H
AP Biology
AP Euro
AP Physics B</p>

AP Calc AB
AP Lit
AP Macro and AP US Gov
AP Comp Sci
AP Art History
Human Anatomy at nearby college
Microbiolgy at nearby college</p>

School Honor Roll all years
Top student in some subjects
Academic Games 2nd place (regional)
Psychology Competition 2nd Place (regional)
Science Olympiad 4th place (regional)
Science Olympiad 5th and 6th (states)
Will be National AP Scholar
Some small writing competitions</p>

<p>Extracurrics and volunteering</p>

<p>National Honor Society (2 years) Vice President
- tutoring, the usual NHS stuff
French Club/French Honor Society (4 years/3 years and President)
- Running drives to support students in Hatti (among many other drives), tutoring, learning about French culture
Chemistry Club President (3 years)
- this is honestly just a club for fun and having fun with chemistry (we do a bunch of fun labs)
Science Honor Society (3 years) Captain/President
- competing in science olympiad and science fairs
Habitat for Humanity (3 years) Treasurer
- helping build homes
Environmental Awareness (3 years) Vice President
- multiple beach clean-ups, collecting recyclables every week after school
Golf Club (3 years)
- golf....
Art Museum Volunteer (4 years)
- by far my favorite EC. Showing guests around, explaining to them the history behind certain pieces, and a lot of other things
County Orchestra (violin 3 years)
- practicing and performing throughout the county
some other small stuff like volunteering at my library
about a total of 400 hours by the time I apply </p>

<p>Summer Stuff
Volunteering in my comunity (museum, library)
2 college classes
Enjoying the summer weather (beach and stuff, lol)
Summer Science Program this Summer</p>

<p>"Hooks" - Hispanic male and first generation</p>

<p>Sorry, I don’t do chances, but check out the Hispanic Students forum (under College Admissions, Specialty Topics). The Resources sticky thread is a good place to start for information on past Results, scholarships, diversity fly-ins, etc.</p>