Chance please

<p>My daughter is interested in Stanford EA. Here is her profile</p>

<p>Background: (Canadian citizen currently living in US)
Female, Asian</p>

<p>Grade 9 & 10 in Canada, gifted program All A</p>

<p>Grade 11: in Washting State
AP chemistry, math AB, English Language, World History: 5
AP US history 4
IB French standard level, IB theory of knowlege
school grade: all A</p>

<p>Grade 12: Just moved to California
AP English Literature, AP physics C, AP French, AP economics, AP Math BC

<p>SAT taken in early grade 10: 2120 Math 740/Writing 760/Reading 660
will retake in October
SAT II, Chemistry 800, Math:800, US history: 720</p>

Math Club founder and President (1 Year, junior year),
Baminton Club (0.5, junior year)
Volunteering help student to do math homework in school (1 year, junior)
Piano player (2 year, freshman & sophomore)
USA Canada Math camp (Sophomore summer)</p>

<p>AIME (Junior)
Math League 4th in Washington State
Canadian Math Competition group 3 (Freshmen and Sophomore)</p>

<p>2 Recommendations are coming from her junior year teachers</p>

<p>Due to transfer, she could not concentrate one thing for long time and did very good job. I also concern her recommendation letter. She only studied one year(Junior year in Washting state) and moved to CA this year. Her problem is no any teach knows her very well.</p>


<p>She should write really good essays, showing intellectual vitality, and real interest in something.
She has the stats, but she needs to show some personality to have a chance.</p>

<p>i don't know the % of international applicants getting in, but it is disgustingly low. And being asian too doesn't seem to help.</p>

<p>Her scores are competitive but the ECs are weaker than many others.</p>

<p>Just as the previous post said, she will need to stress her characteristics - maybe even an essay about math (that seems to be her thing)</p>