Chance Please!!


<p>White male, CT
3.67 GPA (weighted)
AP Econ, US, Stat, French Lang
Rest of my classes are mostly Honors
640 CR 620 Math 680 Writing (1920)/ 27 ACT
Good EC's: Only high school student on White House Media Press Relations Staff, Boys State, teaching assistant, captain of mock trial team (participant all 4 years), newspaper editor, Model UN, Concert band, marching band, pep band, taken 2 classes at a local university, National Student Leadership Conference at American U, Summer Journalism Program at UFlorida, Max Honors every semester
Great rec letters</p>

<p>I am debating whether or not to apply ED 2 or Regular Decision. What do you guys think I have a better chance at?</p>

<p>ED 2, i've heard students have better chances</p>

<p>Thanks lasaosa12, I appreciate it</p>

<p>ED chances are MUCH higher I think you have a pretty good shot, just write the best essays you possibily can. Make it meaningful and something real. DO NOT EVER write about how good the college is...if you do your not getting vandy at least. Just write about something your passionate about and how taking a photograph is like living day to day. You dont always get the right angle and sometimes the end product just idn't good and sometimes its just puurfect. you know somehting that will show you are a creative and a good thinker and should be at the vandy community.
im applying for transfer admission soon, chance me if you get the chance (and thats to anyone reading this)</p>

<p>Thanks Tallha318, anyone else have a thought? What do you guys think my chances are RD?</p>

<p>I think you should definitely apply ED II if you can. The problem is your sat scores are in the lower range for Vanderbilt. However, your ECs seem pretty impressive, so if you apply ED II i think your chances would be fairly good.</p>

<p>Please chance me:
SAT cr 710 math 680 writing760 total 2150
ACT 31
Subject Literature 760
Biology 620 (yikes)
6 AP clasess Us History 5 Envi Science 4 will be taking 4 more in May
8 Honor classes
GPA uw 3.85 w 4.3</p>

<p>white female from the Bay area
teacher recs...excellent
essay pretty good</p>

<p>EC's ASB treasurer
Mock Trial 3 years Honorable mention Award (for witness)
Varsity Debate Team 11/3 record thus far
Peer tutoring 2 years
National Charity league 5 years (many hours of volunteer work in the community)
Jv Volleyball 2 years and 5 years club vb
Jv cross country 2 years
Sierra Service Project two years a week at time (Building and repairing homes in underserved cities and or impoverished neighborhoods)</p>

<p>Working at the local tennis club as a receptionist 32 hours a month</p>