chance please

<p>C GPA: 4.56
Unweighted GPA: 3.75-3.8
Weighted GPA: ~4.62</p>

<p>From Maryland, senior</p>

<p>ACT score - 34
SATscore - 2350</p>

<p>SAT II Scores
-US History: 760
-Biology M: 800
World History :800</p>


<p>World History - 5
Stats - 5
English Lang & Comp. - 5
U.S. History - 5
Government and politics -5
English Lit & Comp -5
Biology -5
Human Geography -5
Art History - 5
European History - 5
Chemistry -5</p>

<p>List a few of your most important ECs (a laundry list of 20+ items is not needed)</p>

<p>-on the board that helps draft the health class curricula for entire county
-Science National Hornors Society
-Mock Trial team
-debate team
-model UN
-student government
-biology club
-chemistry club</p>

<p>Fluent - Russian (first lang), English, French</p>

<p>Political Science or History undergrad major</p>

<p>Schools I am applying to:</p>

<p>-Columbia(first choice)
-UC Berkeley
-U of Maryland(safety)
-U of Michigan

<p>I know it was long, but I appreciate your info very much.</p>

<p>Your chances look solid to me. The only problem I foresee is a lack of non-academic involvement. But with the rest of your stats, I doubt that will be a huge deal. I would say you will safely get into at least a few of those schools. And if you are sure about Columbia, you could always do early decision.</p>

You have solid grades, test scores. But not much in the way of leadership, or organizing something with the EC's.</p>

<p>Though as your essay should describe your position as the health curriculum and stuff. That sounds impressive, and a letter of rec from some teacher or w.e. involved in that could further push that.</p>